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Thread: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

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    Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    The Sagu Aoyama Universe Crossover Series

    Hello, everyone! The story, Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts, is a crossover of Eromanga Sensei, two light novel installments of Sagu Aoyama: Ro-Kyu-Bu! and Tenshi no 3P!; and High School DxD. The series started last July 2017 after I made some research about Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Tenshi no 3P! and High School DxD. Then, I begin this idea of making an anime-based sport, loli, harem, comedic and adventure crossover story because I want to make this crossover more adventuring and more angelic and I love most of the characters of Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Tenshi no 3P! and High School DxD including Subaru Hasegawa and Kyō Nukui. Then, I added some new ideas for the series by adding more characters to the series including the main characters from Eromanga Sensei.

    The reason why I name the title “Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts” is because of three things: the initial letters R, K and B are coming from the series Ro-Kyu-Bu!, the words “rooks” and “knights” are the things related to the series High School DxD while the word “bravehearts” is resembled of main characters coming from the series Tenshi no 3P! The original idea is that I want to make the characters of Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Tenshi no 3P! and High School DxD to work together, but I decided to change it because I don’t want the characters of the Ro-Kyu-Bu! and Tenshi no 3P! to be involved in Rating Game. The new idea is that Rias Gremory assigned Issei Hyodo and his peerage to stay in Japan and know about basketball. The story takes place in the year 2010 after the events of Ro-Kyu-Bu! and Tenshi no 3P!, but also, during the events High School DxD.

    Hopefully, this series will be accomplished very soon. Enjoy reading!

      Spoiler: Original post (7/16/17) 
    First of all, this is going to be my first installment in the Writing Forum. I completely begin liking both Ro-Kyu-Bu! & High School DxD as one of my favorite anime series because of one of the voice actors is my favorite namely Yūki Kaji, who is the voice actor of Subaru Hasegawa and Issei Hyodo. Originally, I brainstorm ideas for another installment that took place in my home country in the same world as in the universe of Ro-Kyu-Bu! / Tenshi no 3P! I believe that I may start doing my own series because I am good in writing and analyzing the characters based on the installments that I choose. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading this one as it will be an anime-based sport, loli, harem, comedic and adventure crossover story. I usually made scripts and ideas for this installment, so there will be some scenes that are coming from the anime or manga.

    The reason why I name the title “Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts” is because of three things: the initial letters R, K and B are coming from the series Ro-Kyu-Bu!, the words “rooks” and “knights” are the things related to the series High School DxD while the word “bravehearts” is resembled of characters coming from the series Tenshi no 3P! It seems that I am going to start the story to take place between the events of Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS, Tenshi no 3P! and High School DxD BorN. Also, there are some additional characters that I might make this installment interested as well as events such as the Vernal Week, an event where the members of Keishin Academy Basketball Team are staying at the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel and planning to enroll at Kirihara Middle School, Subaru’s former school, over Keishin Academy, their current school.

    Here is the premise of the series:
      Spoiler: Premise 
    “With the graduation of Tomoka and her friends and their plans to stick together with their mentor Subaru Hasegawa continues, Tomoka and her friends have set for a new journey in Kirihara Middle School. The Nashiba High School Basketball Team has been reinstated, allowing Subaru and his friends to rebuild the team for the next competition. Meanwhile, the Occult Research Club had finally completed their plans to have their new home at Issei’s house which was renovated, thanks to his parents, and looking forward to expand the club which they need connections and relationships from their members. A few days later, Subaru and the girls have been met by Jun’s Angels. As they meet each other, they will prepare their plans to meet the Occult Research Club.”



    After the graduation in Keishin Academy, Subaru and his friends were having a time to play basketball at the Misawa Resort Hotel and they enjoy themselves after hours of playing. Tomoka was seem to be happy with Subaru ever since Subaru was a mentor at the time in Keishin, even though that Tomoka was thinking about her transfer to Subaru’s school along with her friends because Nashiba High School basketball team was reinstated by the administration after a year of inactivity. Kazunari Uehara wanted to pledge them to play in the team so that they are hoping to win the championship when the time comes.

    Like in Keishin, Kirihara Middle School and Nashiba High School was a full of good students composing of big talents and top students. Although the school has a good record of anti-tardiness, the school has never been dominant in any sporting competitions. Compared with Keishin, Kirihara didn’t achieve anything and a drought was keeping the team out of the contention as in contrast to Keishin, their athletics team was well-produced and improved themselves with the creation of the girls’ basketball team, led by Tomoka Minato and the mentor Subaru Hasegawa.

    As Subaru and his friends went to eat their dinner, Maho explained to Subaru about the enrollment to his school, in which Subaru was delighted about the promise after they lose to Suzuridani Girls Academy.

    “Our enrollment to Kirihara will be coming in a few weeks and we would be able to study there. Subaru, Banri, Natsuhi, Aoi, Satsuki and Tae are here as well to enroll there” said Maho.

    “It’s been a week after you guys are graduated in Keishin. This means that our journey continues” said Subaru.

    “Yes, it was. Subaru, our promise will keep us stronger as well as that you are finally prepare to play for the team” Maho said with a smile.

    “I was hopefully going to go back in playing basketball with my improved skills and I had able to help you and your friends to play well. You’re right, Maho. I’m being delighted to” Subaru replied.

    “In any case, I got a surprise for you, Subaru” Tomoka said while the girls are holding their gifts.

    Tomoka and the girls reveal the gifts to Subaru as a token for helping the girls’ basketball team through winning games. Subaru was shocked about how the girls are doing. It was said to be a surprise night for Subaru since he let his friends to stay at the Misawa Resort Hotel for two weeks before their plans to stay together at Kirihara Middle School.

    “You really like my gift?” asked Saki, who is blushing on Subaru.

    “Yes, it was” Subaru answered back.

    “The first time we met was almost bad at all, but it seems that you are the one who called as dearest” Tomoka said.

    “I call you for me to help and since my problems are gone, I will be able to play well” Airi said while relating to what Tomoka said.

    “Oh, I probably like you when you give me some tips to play and I was able to practice with your moves” Hinata told Subaru about her experience as a Keishin player.

    “It’s a way of thanking you for making the team had a solid teamwork and it’s almost getting the momentum while playing against Miyu and her team” Maho replied in happiness.

    “Just like the girls said, I like your strategy and use this for us to win games, but we hoped that when we enroll at your school, it’s a new challenge for us” Saki said while removing her eyeglasses.

    “Thank you, girls. It’s been a long time to say this after you are all graduated from the academy, but are you hopefully let the other five players to enroll at our school?” Subaru said with a grin.

    “They probably will” said the girls altogether.

    “My twin sisters are hoping to recruit some new girls and it might actually take long time to do it. I asked Mimi to scout some students out there and she did” Natsuhi said.

    “I hope Mimi recruited some new members and they will be able to play together with the other girls” Tomoka replied to Natsuhi.

    “Sometimes, Mimi’s team has more work to do without us, but I know Mimi will be leading like Tomoka did” Saki said.

    “Nothing is expected to see how the Keishin Academy basketball team will be in the next season” Hinata said.

    “You bet, Hinata. Your sister is seemingly doing well after we left” Airi replied to Hinata.

    “I’m sure she will” Hinata replied back.

    “These girls are surely ready to come to my home tomorrow, but I might be thinking about reuniting will have some new plans in the next month” Maho said.

    “The team is set for another journey, but it would be a long challenge that we might wait” Tomoka said, much to the girls’ strong energy really looked good.

    “You are probably gonna find out when we will see them for the first time. I’m sure that if we need more members especially there’s another place that it was interesting” Subaru said.

    “What place did you go there?” asked Hinata.

    “Kuoh Academy” answered Subaru.

    “Uh, that school is mostly focused on specializing magic and power, but since their athletic team is much weaker than the others” said Saki.

    “My take on Kuoh was that even many girls are good in I.Q., they have the liberty to take their responsibilities” Maho added.

    “It says here that there are many schools that are having their skills look impressive” said Airi.

    “Keishin also had a high school, but they need to improve their program with their own hearts. Since we decided to change our school to your school, Subaru, we will improve your school this time with your efforts to be improved more” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, for the record, we have to try our best when we get there and let’s make sure that we will win competitions like the way we did in elementary school” said Hinata.

    “Of course, Hinata. I affirm your statement; we will do this once we start our own school year” said Subaru.

    “It’s a new chapter for our team and we should start over again, but this time we will help you and your friends” Tomoka said to Subaru.

    “I will, Tomoka. You’re my dearest because of your skills. I hope that we’ll fulfill our promise” Subaru replied back gracefully. Tomoka would give Subaru a smile while the girls would smile at Subaru as well.

    Subaru and his friends would continue eating their dinner until they finally think about their future is brighter as usual. It seems that Subaru is ready to come out in Nashiba High School with his friends.

    As the group left the dining table clean, they prepare to go to the couch and start chatting about Kuoh Academy and the rest. While the group is preparing to open the conversation, Saki’s phone was ringing.

    “Who is it?” asked Saki.

    “It’s Masami, your childhood friend” answered by Masami, who was cooking sushi.

    “So, Masami, what’s the deal?” asked Saki.

    “You see, my friends and I will go to the Misawa Resort Hotel and we will expect to spend our vacation before classes start soon” said Masami.

    “Okay, I hope you brought your stuff to stop by and visit us here” Saki replied.

    “I can bring a delicious special food for you, Saki” said Masami.

    “I will be happy to. See you tomorrow” said Saki as she hangs up the phone.

    “See you too, Saki” Masami replied as she is focused back on doing her own job as a chef of her own restaurant.

    “Oh, I have to admit it, Saki, actually, Masami likes you ever since you help her during the festival” said Hinata.

    “Of course, she did well in cooking sushi, but when we were members of a cooking club, we usually share foods before I went to Keishin” Saki said while holding her pendant.

    “Are you sure she will be stronger like we did?” asked Hinata.

    “Maybe, but I hope that she will definitely be fine soon” Saki replied.

    “Let’s hope for Masami and her team to arrive soon” Hinata answered back.

    “Sure, she will do whatever she wants” said Saki.

    “As I saw records of most jumps, Airi did well as well as Maho and Hinata” Aoi read the statistics for the players during their warmup training earlier.

    “That’s what I like it when it comes to blocking and shooting higher during games” Airi replied as she was delighted about the results

    “So, when it comes to jumping, Airi, it seems that you have your stamina go high as long as you can block shots or shoot higher than the other centers” Maho said.

    “Okay, it means that I am way taller than I look” Airi replied to Maho.

    “Oh, I also have the ability to jump higher for as long as I can shoot above the rim” Hinata said.

    “It sure is and there’s more there are a few players who had a capacity to jump high and shoot at any site you want” Aoi said.

    “Well, I might do that while I’m playing” Hinata replied.

    “So, the more you jump high, the more that you may have the capability to block or shoot” Aoi reminded Airi, Hinata and Maho.

    “What about if I block the shot then either Maho or Hinata get the ball?” asked Airi.

    “Well, it depends on the choice, Airi. Make sure that they have the skills to get the ball no matter it happens” answered Aoi.

    “Emulating the strategy to use for offense and defense made sure that we have to play with special abilities” Natsuhi said.

    “There are special abilities that were given by the team doctor as well as Subaru about how they got their names based on your personalities” Satsuki said.

    “That means, your personality can grow more often for you to focus on the playbook” said Subaru.

    “I have the special ability to use floater or lay-up and my style of play allows me to become the captain, that’s why Subaru named my ability Shiny Gift” said Tomoka.

    “For my ability, I can see the opponent’s direction and I may able to be more agile as I made shots through the paint or rim, of course, Ice Age is the name of my ability” said Saki.

    “When it comes to excitement, I play a lot as well as I’m good on stealing and acceleration, which is going make the name of my ability Fire Works” said Maho.

    “Do not make centers getting pressured on while playing. I was able to block shots and shoot higher as I can and my complexity of running is the style I play. So, I called my ability Prismatic Bird” said Airi.

    “I made shots with my own tactical skills, but I have good vision of seeing the opponents while having the ball. It’s because Innocent Charm contributed my style of play” said Hinata.

    “For Kagetsu, she reminded about how Airi did, but she can able to jump what direction she had to. Well, she would be able to have a strong stamina to win plays against other centers” said Tae.

    “Mimi was pressured to play with her own strategy and her style of play is to do what the other French players do. She adopted her personality as a playmaker shooter” said Banri.

    “My twins, Tsubaki and Hiiragi, are responsible for attempting to steal plays and able to assist with each other. Because they sure that their opponents may become confused, they can continue to pull others out” said Natsuhi.

    “Finally, Masami had never lost her skill after she tends to shoot the ball all over the three and she likes to keep the direction as if she can copy the movements of her opponents” said Aoi.

    “For Miyu Aida, Aya Miyakoōji and Rena Ashihara, they have different skills to play, although these girls are combining their skills through an all-out defense or full-court pass” said Satsuki.

    “Well, that’s all of the skills for you to use the special ability to win games” said Subaru. “By the way, I heard about Kuoh Academy earlier” Subaru added when he holds a pamphlet which was designed by someone.

    “I never heard about it but Kuoh is located in the east of the city center in Tokyo” said Saki.

    “That’s right. Kuoh is a school where it is specializing in magic and power, but they never got anything else aside from having the freedom to conduct rules” said Subaru.

    “I noticed about a red-haired girl, who has the communication of other members” said Tomoka.

    “That’s strange. I might tell you that she had magic in her hands to pull down devils” said Maho.

    “I have a good communication with taller students, but I think there isn’t to be found yet in that school” said Airi.

    “I once tracked Kuoh to see how they students doing. It seems that no one can cross others” said Hinata.

    “Maybe, we should figure it out when we get there” Saki replied. “Just I thought there are some schools that have specialties and there are many experts in any type of specialty.”

    “As long as the pamphlet must be returned to the owner, we need to explore the students and let’s start communicating with others” said Hinata.

    “That’s a great idea” said Airi. “The students of Kuoh have different positions to be ranked as.”

    “Subaru, I might be interested if there are some students who have been good in basketball” said Tomoka.

    “I’m going to look for it because it seems that Kuoh had just been a good school without restrictions. Supposedly, I could ask Aoi if there is someone who is good in basketball” said Subaru.

    “Of course, I might ask for it” said Aoi.

    “We still have plans to do with the class are going to start very soon. So, I will create a schedule for you to start our stay until a new year comes” said Natsuhi.

    “It seems that Mimi and her friends are coming tomorrow. We should figure it out on how they will join us in our stay” said Tomoka.

    “There is a surprise for them, but I was able to buy a gift for them” said Maho.

    “That’s a great idea! Your surprise may treat them fairly” said Saki.

    “I also made letter cards to Mimi and others with my inspired designs made by me and Hinata” said Airi.

    “The cards would be well-designed and we were able to finish it before our graduation” said Hinata.

    “Then, it’s settled. I will probably let the incoming sixth graders to look at our gifts” said Tomoka.

    “It’s going to be a big day for them since we adopted a rule for the group: there’s always a blessing for everyone” said Saki.

    “I made that rule for everyone while we’re in training, but since this is a vacation stay, they’re probably have free time to do for now” said Subaru.

    “According to the calendar, after 210 days of elementary school, we will start planning for our group in Kirihara and we need more friends to come by and starting building for it” said Maho.

    “Don’t forget Mimi and the others because they’re probably wanted to follow us since we helped them” said Hinata.

    “We have three grade levels of junior high school and we’ll wait for one year to wait the sixth graders to enroll in Kirihara next year” said Airi.

    “I’m assured that everybody is prepared for the tomorrow’s activities and we should end our first day of vacation with something interested from Tomoka” said Saki.

    “You’re right about it, Saki. Then, let’s go to Maho’s bedroom” said Tomoka as the group went to the second floor and entering to Maho’s bedroom, which has many collections of pictures of Maho and her friends including Tomoka, Saki, Airi and Hinata.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "After Graduation" Part 2

    “Maho, get my notebook” asked Tomoka.

    “Well, okay. Our bags were placed in my bedroom, so that, we have a safe room to keep our stuff here” said Maho. Maho pulled Tomoka’s bag and lend the notebook to her.

    “Alright, in Keishin, we usually chat to each other through our personal stuff. My notebook will have the collection of things to do with the group and what are the things to remember. As we all know, I figured it out on how we schedule our vacation before April since we have many plans to do before going to Kirihara” said Tomoka.

    “As for now, I will be able to tell you that we have to follow the house rules of the group and Subaru has conducted rules when we’re in Keishin. The main rule is “There’s always a blessing for everyone.” Let’s make sure that we will be able to give luck for us” said Maho.

    “I adopted some rules like: “Respect the members” and “Make your member a smile” when Maho and I were first classmates in fifth grade. It’s been doing this when we’re joining the basketball team” said Saki.

    “I asked Saki to add more rules like “No barging on others” and “Show your appreciation to the group” because I was rewarded during my elementary school days before meeting with Tomoka” said Airi.

    “Usually, the rule for stuffed toys and objects can be added because there’s no responsibility to lose some of our personal stuffs like the time when we didn’t have time to play toys to create a fantasy house play in our home” said Hinata.

    “When I was entering Keishin, it was a great school to be my second home since my home was nearest from there. I begin to adopt the use of color coding clothes for our team since we’re wearing the clothes of the same color as our hairs” said Tomoka.

    “As you know, we have many rules of the group, so that we have to be gentler and kind to everyone” said Maho. “It’s a word for you to be gentleness and kind to us.”

    “Once Mimi is sending some papers to us about the new members, we will start training with them until they know about the golden rule in our team” said Saki.

    “Passing the torch to the incoming sixth graders will allow them to show their talents stronger like we did before” said Airi.

    “Keishin Academy and Kirihara Middle School have some rules while the group has adopted its own rules, so we should respect the rules of both institutions” said Hinata.

    “Going to the plans for vacation, I assured that before entering Kirihara, the field trips will be usually happened after the Vernal Equinox Day while the start of the classes will be starting in April, so we have the budget to make sure that we will follow the schedule” said Aoi.

    “The graduation is in March, so we have to be able to spend our short vacation before April. I had hopes in planning to do our stuff while we’re on vacation because by April, we will meet some new faces here in Kirihara and build our basketball team soon” said Tomoka.

    “Here are the plans that we need to do. An open conversion will happen tomorrow. The storytelling activity will be on Wednesday. Then, the plans by Aoi and her friends will be held on Thursday and Friday. Then, we should go on an outing on Saturday. Finally, an unexpected visit from Tomoka’s childhood friend will be held on Sunday. This is going to be a long schedule to do for the first week” said Maho.

    “I was also asking the others to let some friends come on other days, right?” said Saki.

    “Yeah” the rest of the group replied.

    “It is going to be a fun week before we return to school and I’m sure that we have our stuffs ready including some books and notes for the group” said Airi.

    “Subaru, each of the members must list down some things to do. So, you need to write down the notes there and I will be the one to schedule it” said Hinata.

    “I will start listing my own” said Subaru as he wrote his own schedule.

    “You have training and organization planning” said Saki. “Alright, I will add that to the list.”

    “For Maho, she will have a variety show of her own while Tomoka will serve ice cream sundae for us” said Hinata.

    “Reading books from Saki, going to a garden for playing from Hinata and going to a beach from myself” said Airi.

    “This should be done for at least a week before the second week of vacation” said Aoi.

    “I have more ideas like drama show and fireworks display. I was participating at any town festivals on my home with my parents because I am enjoying a lot” said Tomoka.

    “Going to the list of activities we will be doing. Let’s make sure that we need space for the incoming sixth graders” said Maho. Then, the schedule was done with a little adjustment.

    “We should start doing the activities from time to time and let’s make the vacation stay the best” said Tomoka. All of the members of the group agreed on Tomoka. Later, Airi, Saki and Tomoka were sitting next to each other in the rug while Hinata and Maho were sitting on Maho’s bed.

    “Before you ask, the team had found one of the objects, which was owned by someone” Tomoka asked Subaru when she inspects a letter card.

    “Seems that you found it before we enter to this mansion” said Subaru.

    “I might say the item that Tomoka found was belonged to a band member from another school” said Saki.

    “A word from Aoi said that the item was used for promoting the band, but this one is where they are promoting the music club itself” said Airi.

    “First, that item must be returned to the rightful owner, then, let’s ask from the members to know what they’re doing. Finally, we have to recognize the names” said Tomoka.

    “I like your idea, but since it is vacation, we have to find first the home of the band, which was far away from the mansion” said Subaru, who was wondering about how to get there.

    “Of course, not. A member might be your friend” said Airi.

    “Who do you think it is?” asked Tomoka.

    “A deep lavender-haired girl who loves to play the guitar while the other two girls are her bandmates. While they’re playing, a boy was also pledging to join the band, but it seems that he lost track” said Saki.

    “I remember the name before. Her name is Jun Gotō” said Tomoka.

    “Jun Gotō. So, that item must be belonged to her” said Airi.

    “Yes, it is. And I might visit to her school at some point after class when we get there, but we can go to her home instead. Her home is nearer than my home” said Tomoka.

    “Quite to say, Tomoka, I have to ask her about the letter that they lost; since she is a band member, I would like to learn about their school’s music club” said Saki.

    “There’s a schedule that Aoi and Mimi have organized, so we should schedule a visit to Jun’s house on Thursday. So, I still wait to see my childhood friend to come on Sunday” said Tomoka.

    “Well, I could ask Aoi about the band because it seems that Tomoka had a friend from her previous school before she entered Keishin” said Subaru.

    “Before entering Keishin, I had friends knowing about my skill to play, but when they left me because of my obsession, I didn’t lose Jun. When I left the team, I re-traced all over again before Maho saw me out of nowhere” said Tomoka.

    “Another clue was connected to that item because you and Jun are once being classmates” said Saki.

    “It means that some of her bandmates must know about Tomoka and especially Tomoka had begun to refresh herself after being transferred” said Airi.

    “Good point, Airi. I know that the club is referring as “the angels” and they love to play music which means that I didn’t ask them to see my skills before I began to obsess” said Tomoka.

    “I frankly know about Jun, but maybe you need to reconnect your friends from your former school before we can finally learn about the situation” said Saki.

    “Okay, I will be glad to because I have to impress her by doing my style of play” Tomoka replied.

    “But there’s a problem. You see, the music club has been open only after class, but I’m sure that she is interested in you again” said Subaru.

    “I’m sure you will visit her home by Thursday, so it’s nice to call for visit at the mansion” said Saki.

    “Okay, I like your suggestion, but I might call her tomorrow because there’s no way I could connect her at night” said Tomoka.

    “Do your stuff, but we still have to time before we will have to sleep later” said Airi.

    “Okay, I will call her” Tomoka replied as she calls Jun on the phone. Later, Jun open her phone to call Tomoka and begin their conversation.

    “Tomoka, it’s you. What are you doing right now?” asked Jun.

    “I’m trying to ask you to come to the mansion. Are you in for after we visit your home?” Tomoka replied.

    “I’ll be glad to. We don’t have classes because we ended our school year likewise we are also graduated” said Jun. “I’ll be a high school student and stay at my school next month when the classes are about to start.”

    “Nice news you got. So, will you let your band members to come as well?” asked Tomoka.

    “They will. As of now, they’re having some practice to play before we will admit to enroll at my school” said Jun.

    “Are you actually performing your song for us?” asked Tomoka.

    “We’ll do it, but only if we would be able to finish our practice before the weekend. Instead, I will show you some keys to play” said Jun.

    “You bet. I hope you found something interested to us” said Tomoka.

    “I can do that for sure. I’ll see you on Thursday, bye for now” said Jun.

    “Bye, Jun” said Tomoka as the conversation has ended. Maho appeared behind Saki and Hinata pulled the hand of Tomoka.

    “Oh, Jun Gotō is a leader of the band. She is joined by Nozomi Momijidani and Sora Kaneshiro, the other two members” Hinata said while she is researching about Jun Gotō and her band.

    “Everybody knows about Jun’s Angels because they have specific nicknames. As long as Jun sings, her band members did too” said Maho.

    “You mean the band is coming on Thursday?” asked Hinata.

    “They will come after we visited Jun’s home” answered Tomoka.

    “Aside from the band, there are some students who were close to Jun” said Airi.

    “That band is focused on music and that’s why they perform inside and outside” said Maho.

    “As the band wanted to perform well in front of us, I will make sure that they have to show their skills” said Saki.

    “A band composed of three girls and there are some acquaintances from the school” said Tomoka.

    “Let’s see, there’s more” said Hinata.

    “A guy who is joining with the girl named Kyō Nukui” said Maho.

    “Subaru, this guy is focusing on a relationship with Jun. You did well with Tomoka” said Airi.

    “Yeah, we did” said Tomoka and Subaru.

    “We made a close relationship and I was able to play with my own style during games” said Tomoka.

    “We have to make sure that the guy should know about his relationship with Jun” said Subaru.

    “I hope he would have a close relationship, but this would take it too long” said Maho.

    “Girls, we have a work to do tomorrow, so let’s start preparing for activities” said Subaru.

    “We’ll do” all the girls replied. Subaru and the group will prepare their stuff to start the activities on the next day before they’ll go to Jun Gotō’s house which is located at the Tamagawa District on Thursday. The town is located 2 miles away from the resort hotel.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 2: "The Bravehearts"
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    In this next chapter, it will be the first appearance for Mimi Balguerie, Tsubaki Takenaka, Hiiragi Takenaka, Kagetsu Hakamada and Masami Fujii (after cameo on the first chapter). Also, a teaser for the third chapter will conclude this chapter. Enjoy!


    On the next day, Mimi and her group are walking on the road as they are going to the Misawa Resort Hotel.

    “You seem to be exciting, Tsubaki. I never thought that we will meet Tomoka and her friends at the mansion to begin our stay with them until we return to Keishin next month” said Mimi.

    “I’m very excited that we will go there” said Tsubaki.

    “Just like what Mimi said, we will be ready to have an open conversation with them” said Hiiragi.

    “A reunion with the girls of Subaru and probably I will give Saki a gift as well” said Masami.

    “Well, my sister is in the mansion and I was able to help her and Airi to find my perfect clothes for my time in vacation here” said Kagetsu.

    “By the way, I love your new clothes you got, Kagetsu” said Mimi.

    “Oh, thank you, Mimi. I believe that you are going to be my classmate next month in the same section” said Kagetsu.

    “You’re right. Masami will join section 6-B and TsubaHii will join section 6-A. It’s not going to be the same group that we have to work on with basketball, but we will recruit some young students soon” said Mimi.

    “Did you hear that, Hiiragi? We’ll be classmates” said Tsubaki.

    “Of course, not. I heard about Tomoka’s friend from her former school is transferring to Kirihara as well” said Hiiragi.

    “Probably I wanted to meet her on Sunday so that we have to ask her to play basketball” said Masami.

    “Hold on, Masami. That friend was the one who turned away from Tomoka because of the latter’s obsession of playing basketball. I know she has problems on her, but Masami, you got the same problem with Saki, right?” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, I never got into this situation, the question about that is can Tomoka feel sorry for her for what she had done before, but I’m sure Tomoka would understand about it” said Masami.

    “I contracted her. Her name is Michiko Takeda” said Mimi. “Takeda is Tomoka’s childhood friend from her former school. It seems that Tomoka wanted to be happy with her again, but Michiko had been bickering with her for a year after Tomoka left for Keishin.”

    “Vowing to reconcile with the friend will let the two to become friends again” said Hiiragi.

    “I hope Michiko and Tomoka will end their problems right away” said Tsubaki.

    “I hope so. Even though Saki said when Tomoka had many friends before they turned away from her, Tomoka had to bring back her old friends before they might forget her again” said Masami.

    “Eventually, Tomoka would begin recognizing them again with her pure heart” said Kagetsu.

    “We finally made it, girls. This is the home of Maho Misawa. Her family owns a mansion” said Mimi as she is pointing the mansion.

    Mimi and her friends have finally reached the gate of the mansion. Mimi pressed the doorbell. “I’m Mimi Balguerie. I’m a student from Keishin Academy. I’m with my teammates, Tsubaki and Hiiragi Takenaka, Masami Fujii and Kagetsu Hakamada.”

    The gate was opened to let the girls view the mansion. Kunai Hisai said to Mimi, “You must be Maho’s teammates from Keishin. It appears that Maho and her friends are on the terrace today. They are waiting for you.”

    “Uh, can we put our bags to the couch, so that we will go to the terrace?” asked Mimi. Kunai Hisai accepted Mimi’s request as Mimi and her friends are waving their hands to see Tomoka and the group.

    “Mimi. TsubaHii. Masami. Kagetsu. Welcome to my mansion, my home. This is the terrace where we will start our open conversation soon” said Maho.

    “You see, we wanted to give you gifts to you while we’re preparing our stuff to start the open conversation” said Tomoka. “The gifts are at the couch. Get your gifts right there.”

    Mimi and her group went to the living room and found the gifts at the coach where they are displayed with name tags.

    “Wow!” the girls exclaimed.

    “These gifts are adorable” said Mimi.

    “They’re so beautiful” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “It has to be my favorite pendant” said Masami.

    “Probably it’s your lucky day” said Kagetsu.

    The girls opened and revealed their gifts that were given by Tomoka and her friends. Mimi got a new book about basketball, Tsubaki got a glass tumbler, Hiiragi got a key chain, Masami got a new pendant and Kagetsu got a plush toy resembled of a bunny.

    “I love this and that’s the book I need to train more with my shooting skills” said Mimi.

    “These gifts will fit for our collection, Hiiragi” said Tsubaki.

    “We would be able to buy our new cabinet drawers” said Hiiragi.

    “This pendant is the most beautiful that I got” said Masami.

    “Oh, this bunny is much cuter than the one I bought before” said Kagetsu.

    “Masami. We should give Tomoka and the others a treat” said Mimi.

    “You bet” said Masami, who was cheerful after she loves her pendant. Mimi and the girls went out of the living room and Masami gave the girls a food, made by her.

    “Wow! Well-cooked futomakis for us!” said Tomoka and the girls.

    “Of course. That’s one of my specialties made by my father and myself” said Masami. Tomoka and the girls eat their food and they love it.

    “It’s delicious!” said Tomoka.

    “It seems that you made this for us after you expected to see how it looks like” said Saki.

    “I was lucky that this food was well-cooked and it has many flavors that were seen” said Maho.

    “I like yakitori and sukiyaki, but this one was the best” said Airi.

    “Oh, I like sushi too. I also like salmon, omelette and sushi rice” said Hinata.

    “Say, Masami, Saki was appreciated about your cooking skills, but also, she also cooked our food for us as well” said Tomoka.

    “Tomoka, I usually made myself to do sushis, but it seems that I am no longer bickering with Saki, we’re friendly to each other right now” said Masami.

    “We should start eating in the terrace with my own okonomiyaki” said Saki. Later, the girls began to eat their foods as Saki made her own style of okonomiyaki and a blueberry juice.

    “Much better, Saki. That’s what my helpers also made food for our family and it seems that I was helping my father to serve food as well as desserts. My desserts are here too, so you can eat all you want” said Maho.

    “Thanks, Maho. I’m pretty glad that you helped me serving some dessert” said Saki.

    “Of course, not. These desserts were made by yours truly” said Maho.

    “Actually, Subaru mentioned about how foods were served with friendship” said Airi.

    “Oh, thanks for reminding me for that. Possibly I didn’t want to spoil you” said Maho.

    “I could also try to cook too because I also shared you with my food after I made some soup” said Tomoka.

    “Being a captain surely needs someone who is trustworthy and I realized that I should be doing this too” said Mimi.

    “Like other players, people love to cook while there are some specialists have their own hobbies” said Saki.

    “Did I mention about why you girls also love to cook?” said Hiiragi.

    “It’s because they have some special talents other than basketball. I hope that they continued to do their specialties after we played basketball” said Tsubaki.

    “Nothing is bad about how the girls are generous to others because I personally believe about how they were being respectful to each other” said Kagetsu.

    “Saki, I was being admired about how you cook, but there are many choices we can eat depend on your own preference” said Airi.

    “Most of my servings were inspired from my parents and also I began to serve foods at my restaurant. Just in case you know, rich families were taking some advantages and they ended up being more trustful to others” said Saki.

    “Giving some tips on how we do we do with your own specialties should allow anyone to deserve what they got” said Hinata.

    “Appreciate your friends, share your talents, build your friendship to others and adopt yourself to be the best are the things that we did and by the way, girls, as a whole family of friends, we would be able to commit together to show their love and wisdom” said Tomoka.

    “Do not hurt someone’s feelings over your bad lucks. Being wisdom is one of the principles of my family since we hold gatherings during summer and winter vacation” said Airi.

    “My family is much respectful to anyone and as a daughter of the rich, I allow anyone to eat here at my mansion. I have shared about how we accomplish every goal in Keishin before we decided to go to Kirihara for next school year” said Maho.

    “Girls, Subaru was reminding me about the new players from Keishin basketball team” said Masami. “I found at least five members who were good in playing basketball, but of course, I remembered someone when I was going back home. Her name is Himeko Katayama. She is an incoming fifth grader and she had an experience of running.”

    “I met Himeko during an intramural competition in our home. She said that she was determined to be a great basketball player” said Kagetsu. “Katayama is a small forward and was previously being in try-outs in her former school before she was transferring to Keishin.”

    “Well, nice description about Himeko Katayama. She is a good ace player like me and Tomoka” said Mimi. “We still have more students who were good in playing basketball, so that we would be able to begin our training soon.”

    “Natsuhi mentioned about how the Keishin basketball team has recruited some students in the fifth and sixth grade and since Mimi and the girls have to do their jobs right away, they’ll make sure that we will win against Suzuridani and some schools in the block” said Tsubaki.

    “Getting more players in the basketball team is a long way of process to do and while you are in Nashiba, Aoi and Kazunari will be starting to recruit you to play for the team. My brother will be taking part of the team” said Hiiragi.

    “Because every school has their own system of recruiting players, they will refresh themselves and they will begin their own chapter” said Masami. “Mimi, will you report some players to see how they go when you call them soon?”

    “We’ll be working on that, Masami. By the way, Aoi was guiding you to train for special abilities by Thursday and while on it, the recruits will start training in the court” said Mimi.

    “There’s only one thing we have to do with the newly recruits” said Tsubaki.

    “And what’s that?” said Mimi.

    “The newly recruits will battle against all of us” said Hiiragi.

    “What!” the other girls shouted, thinking that these newly recruits will play against the last year’s roster.

    “No way!” said Kagetsu.

    “That’s ridiculous!” said Masami.

    “Are you kidding me, Hiiragi?” said Masami.

    “I know that we will be tracking them to see how they play against us, but don’t be so surprised to the twins” said Hiiragi.

    “We know about that” said Mimi, Masami, Kagetsu and Maho said.

    “Let’s get these things serious, Hiiragi, because we, the sixth graders, will have our own activity to share with you by Thursday” said Tsubaki.

    “I’m not gonna be embarrassed by those surprising things” said Kagetsu. “Our activities are track and field activities as well as obstacle drills.”

    “I like athletic subjects, that’s why we have those in our physical education class” said Airi.

    “Oh, one question. Tsubaki, Hiiragi, will you please stop shouting to us with your surprises?” asked Hinata.

    “Sorry for doing that” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi. They were nodded together.

    “Kagetsu, how many teams will be competing?” asked Hinata.

    “Okay, Hinata. There will be four teams and I will be announcing this when those newly recruits will come here on Thursday. The problem is that one of Tomoka’s friends will come as well” answered Kagetsu.

    “You’re correct, Kagetsu. Jun’s Angels will come on Thursday and Michiko Takeda will come on Sunday, so it’s going to be a week of reunions for me to refresh myself from the past. So, I’ll be giving the duties to our girls for other activities” said Tomoka.

    “Tomorrow, it’s going to be a variety show where Airi, Hinata and I will be performing for you to make things exciting, energizing and extravagant” said Maho.

    “Yeah. We’ll be doing this for you, girls” said Airi.

    “Kagetsu, are you sure that these things will be set?” said Hinata.

    “Yes. According to Miho, these newly recruits will have to think about how they will make it to the team by giving their own skills” said Kagetsu.

    “I assumed that Subaru and Aoi are going to join us in the variety show, but I will have the role in the variety show tomorrow” said Airi.

    “But, Subaru and his friends are in Kirihara, he is filling our names to enroll in Kirihara Middle School. So, we should be ready for that by the time the outing comes” said Tomoka.

    “Even Natsuhi and Banri aren’t here, we will be starting the open conversation soon” said Airi.

    “Oh, you’re right. Well, then. Let’s finish our food, so that we will start the open conversation” said Tomoka.

    “We’ll do it” all the girls replied as they finished eating their foods, however, they also bring some desserts and blueberry juice as they will begin the open conversation.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "The Bravehearts" Part 2

    Mimi saw someone from the gate. They were Aoi, Subaru, Banri, Natsuhi, Tae and Satsuki. They were returned from school. Subaru had announced to the group, “Girls, we’ll be going to Nashiba High School on Saturday after the enrollment at Kirihara and Kazunari will be joining with us where we’ll have a meeting of the players of Nashiba High School basketball team.”

    Tomoka, Maho, Airi, Saki and Hinata were glad about the announcement and this means that the five will be officially enrolling at Kirihara Middle School as seventh graders. They will have to finish their process by going to the school to take their identification card for the school.

    “Thank you, Subaru” said Tomoka.

    “We finally become students in Kirihara” said Maho.

    “I’m glad about the announcement” said Hinata.

    “I feel excited to study in Kirihara in a few weeks” said Airi.

    “No worries, Subaru” said Saki.

    “Oh, Banri, Natsuhi, Satsuki and Tae have prepared some groceries to serve food later on” said Subaru.

    “Mihoshi will be here later tonight” said Aoi.

    “That means that Subaru’s aunt will be back soon” said Banri.

    “I feel exciting about this” said Maho.

    “Me too. I’m so glad that she’ll be joining us in our stay” said Tomoka.

    “She has many blessings when we were listening to her” said Hinata.

    “Usually, she likes to share us about Subaru and his team” said Airi.

    “Subaru, you’re a real dealer and make sure that your aunt is helping you a lot” said Saki.

    “She will be asking about the information of Tomoka’s friends and Kuoh Academy and while she’s here, I will be arranging proposals to her” said Subaru.

    “Subaru, we’ll start the activities, soon. So, Mimi is waiting for you” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, okay, Tomoka. I guess that I’ll be ready for this” said Subaru. The open conversation activity begins while the incoming sixth graders are waiting for Subaru, Aoi and the members to start the conversation. Minutes later, Mimi, Subaru and Aoi are sitting next to each other.

    “Subaru. Aoi. If you believed that most of the elementary school students who had an opportunity to enter junior high school, there are some students who have their own hearts to be loyal in their school. For me, I’m planning to enroll at Kirihara over other schools for middle school. What do you call the system that you made when Tomoka and the girls have broken the tradition to remain loyal at Keishin for junior high school?” asked Mimi.

    “It’s the Hasegawa Clause” said Aoi.

    “My scouting of players was my priority even though that I was able to help my father to find some students who were good in basketball as well as my friends in Kirihara Middle School” said Subaru.

    “The Hasegawa Clause is where a student from Keishin Academy had to transfer from that school to another school that was being loyal to Subaru Hasegawa. Followers of Subaru are also scouting players in which Keishin Academy basketball team has interchanged with Kirihara Middle School” said Mimi.

    “This is the rule for the basketball team only in Keishin and some others may end up staying in Keishin for junior high school, but most of Tomoka’s classmates from her batch are remained at Keishin while her friends were responsible of transferring to Kirihara for the next school year” said Subaru.

    “Regarding the clause to allow students who were friends of Subaru and his team to leave Keishin for Kirihara through an interchanging system that most of the Keishin Academy students are preferred to follow Subaru Hasegawa through his scouting AI, in case of students who were close to Tomoka and her friends; as they wanted to follow suit for Tomoka and her friends, they believed that it’s their responsibility of trying to stick together” said Aoi.

    “Subaru. Looks like some other students who were loyal to you are trying to contribute on while you and batchmates are tracking some students to play basketball” said Mimi.

    “I wasn’t mentioned about my friends, but while the basketball team was inactive, I went to Keishin to coach there and decided to report the players to Kazunari” said Subaru.

    “So, if Kazunari is scouting some players too, then Tomoka and her group would become the targets for the girls’ basketball team in Kirihara” said Aoi.

    “That is exactly correct, Aoi” said Subaru.

    “Well, then. I have some reports regarding the new players including Himeko Katayama. This is going to be a serious mission for us while we’re in Keishin. I would be able to tell you about the players when they’ll arrive on Thursday” said Mimi.

    “I agree” said Subaru. Meanwhile, Saki and Maho were talking to each other about the variety show.

    “You’re the main star for the variety show, you should talk to Subaru later on” said Saki.

    “Okay, but I will be thinking if he and Aoi will join us tomorrow” said Maho.

    “Just make sure that when their conversation is done, it’s your turn” said Saki.

    “Okay, I will do something for them” said Maho.

    “I’ll make sure that I will be working on the players soon” said Mimi.

    “You bet” said Subaru. Maho appeared as she is giving dumplings to Mimi, Subaru and Aoi.

    “Maho, you are here to give me some dumplings” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, that’s what I have to do for tomorrow’s variety show” said Maho.

    “In that case, did you have some practice for that activity?” said Subaru.

    “Yes, I have some roles to play while Hinata and Airi are going to have their roles as well. Glad that you like my dumplings, Subaru, I encourage you to join the show” said Maho.

    “Okay” said Subaru, but Aoi would ask Subaru.

    “Subaru, I wanted to take the role for the variety show as well, so that I can perform for the role play” said Aoi.

    “Okay, Aoi. Maho, can you let Aoi join the show because she likes to perform?” asked Subaru.

    “Well, okay. Aoi, you’re coming with me” said Maho as she is taking Aoi out of the conversation while Subaru and Mimi were remained in the conversation.

    “No, no, Maho. What are you gonna do with her?” asked Saki.

    “I will give Aoi a role for the variety show” said Maho.

    “What should I do to them?” asked Saki.

    “Ask Subaru to open another topic” said Maho.

    “Okay, Maho. I will make sure that Aoi has to memorize anything” said Saki, who left to talk with Subaru and Mimi. “Subaru, did you have any topics that you want to share?”

    “Yes, Saki. I will open another topic for Kyoto” said Subaru.

    “That place is interesting and we already been there last year” said Saki. “Did you have plans for a returned trip?”

    “Probably, I wanted to let Mimi and the team to join the trip, so that we will have more time to spend in Kyoto” said Subaru.

    “There is a summer vacation, so we could go there if we want, but make sure that you won’t affect your school’s basketball training” said Mimi.

    “I’ll think about that” said Subaru. Later, Subaru was thinking about who will be coaching for Keishin basketball team after he will be stepping down as the manager of the team.

    “What are you in mind about coaching for Mimi?” said Saki.

    “I wanted to let Mihoshi to coach the team, but some middle and high schoolers have their own duties too. I prefer to have a professional coach for the team. Maybe, my father will coach the team” said Subaru.

    “Ginga is the team consultant for Keishin in recent months. You are nailing something better. I will have a proposal to him if he can be coaching us” said Mimi.

    “Okay. The principles of coaching the team are made in two things: he analyzes the situation and he has to give the players their roles. The Dazzled Copy is one of the skills that you will be able to copy the movements and playing styles of Tomoka, Airi, Maho, Hinata and mine” said Saki.

    “We’ll have that when the classes are started soon” said Mimi.

    “Good luck with that and make sure that you said to my father that we’ll be proposing a returned trip to Kyoto soon” said Subaru.

    “I will” said Mimi as Subaru left the conversation. Later, Hinata and Kagetsu appeared while Saki had reminded Mimi about the activities for Thursday.

    “You’re most likely asking for topics, am I right?” said Saki.

    “Yeah, I will talk about fashion” said Hinata.

    “I like Kagetsu’s green shirt. It was so nice that you and Airi bought more clothes” said Saki.

    “Thank you, Saki. Hinata, Airi and I were buying some clothes after the graduation where I was able to save my money to wear for the vacation” said Kagetsu.

    “My dress is elegant with my favorite is with the color blue” said Mimi.

    “I like my peach-colored short since I wear it for many times” said Hinata.

    “There are many casual clothes we used when we’re on an outing or a park. Like many people wearing casual clothes for normal lives, we adopted the color coding system that we used to when we wear our clothes when there are specific events” said Saki.

    “Doing the color coding system allows us to look beautiful like we are wearing today” said Hinata.

    “Oh, you’re right. My light blue dress was one of the attires I wear during mornings” said Saki.

    “Me too Saki. I usually wear blue clothes and I occasionally wearing seasonal clothes too” said Mimi.

    “It seems that the new players are looking forward to follow the tradition like the way we did, but it seems that they’re going to wear their normal clothes before we adopt the system to give the students to wear on what specific event they are going to” said Kagetsu.

    “It appears that you are wearing magenta clothes, but since you’re wearing green, it’s okay to wear the cloth that is not on the list and despite of that, you had a pink shirt, which is more beautiful to wear for color combination” said Hinata.

    “That’s right, Hinata. I love color combination clothes because Mimi usually wear two clothes on top and bottom” said Kagetsu.

    “It appears that Tomoka is calling you, Saki and Mimi” said Hinata.

    “Uh, okay. See you later, girls” said Saki as she and Mimi leave the conversation while Airi and Masami appeared at the scene.

    “Hinata, I also like topics related to fashion” said Airi.

    “Airi. Masami. You’re wearing both hats and eyeglasses, so let’s talk about it” said Hinata.

    “I never wear eyeglasses before, but it seems that I began to be pretty after all” said Airi.

    “By the time Tomoka arrives, you will know about what would be the name of our group. I never wear eyeglasses before, but can I borrow that, Masami?” said Kagetsu.

    “Sure. Here you go” said Masami as she gave the eyeglasses to Kagetsu. As Kagetsu is wearing it, she is looked like a smart geek and is satisfied about it.

    “Your glasses are awesome. I have those on my bag as well as my hat” said Kagetsu.

    “I have to admit, Hinata. Your sister is really less excited, despite of being energetic” said Airi.

    “Well, she likes to be a fashion designer and sometimes, she will have to bring anything what she bought” said Hinata.

    “Come on, Hinata. We should join Airi to talk about anything else about fashion” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay. Airi, let’s go” said Hinata.

    “Well, then. Will you join us?” said Airi.

    “No thanks, Airi. Tomoka, Tsubaki and Hiiragi will come soon. Okay, you can go now” Masami replied.

    “Okay. Once you’re about to change your mind, you can ask me again, okay?” said Airi as she leaves the conversation along with Hinata and Kagetsu.

    “I would” said Masami. She would see Tomoka, Tsubaki and Hiiragi, who is holding a basketball.

    “I realized that the conversation was looking good, but we’re the remaining ones staying outside because the rest of the members are in the mansion already” said Tomoka.

    “Don’t worry, girls. We would continue this later” said Tsubaki.

    “Yeah, great idea” said Hiiragi. The four were walking to the living room where they will talk about a new name for the group. Tomoka gave the three a glass of water after Tomoka and TsubaHii were training on their own.

    “I was wondering what would be the name of the group for us” said Tsubaki.

    “Well, we should call the group as The Bravehearts” said Hiiragi.

    “That’s it! Bravehearts would be the name of the group as compared to Jun’s Angels” said Tomoka.

    “Nice nickname what you got” said Masami. “You will be telling anyone later on and I would be promised that we should bear the name for the team.”

    “Thank you, Masami” said Tsubaki.

    “I decided to make “Bravehearts” to be the name for the group because we’re originally came from Keishin and we decided to give everyone what we always follow the principles of the school. There is one word about basketball: willpower” said Hiiragi.

    “Willpower could make us strong and we will use the special skills once we’re in the game” said Tomoka. “Nobody will make mistakes and the willpower can be the key to make my new team stronger than our first formation. The connection between the old and the new must form a new group. I mean, it would not be a re-incarnation, but an evolution of the group.”

    “I love your spirit and willpower, Tomoka. It even more enthusiastic to be a basketball player because you are the one who made us refreshed from being rivals. Natsuhi said that his team began to be loyal to Subaru and that’s why this is what we wanted to make Keishin and Kirihara a sister school and we should concentrate on our new mission” said Tsubaki.

    “Being a sixth grader would be not make things easy, but it’s a true challenge for me to excel in studies and basketball. I would be wondering why we are trying to call us dearest?” said Hiiragi.

    “Subaru said to us that all of the members from the first formation of the girls’ basketball team as dearests. He feels about Tomoka to be the ace of the team and she also help us to play hard so that we would win games” said Masami.

    “No, Masami. Subaru wanted us to have the willpower to win games and we should commit to play in Keishin. It’s been a year since Subaru formed this team and we have to be more responsible and every time we commit mistakes, we cope them to make these things right. I’m sure you’ll learn the lesson about trying to build a team that has pure heart. It will be a new Bravehearts and we should start working together” said Tomoka.

    “We’ll do for the hearts of Keishin, we promise!” said Masami, Tsubaki and Hiiragi as the Bravehearts are hoping to fulfill their promise since its first formation of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team. Later at dusk, Mihoshi Takamura arrived.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 3: "The Admiration"
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Apologies if I adjusted the sentences as well as the Jun Gotō's name. But anyway, here is the description for the third chapter. As Mihoshi Takamura arrived at Maho's mansion, she tells Tomoka and her friends about the plans for this week as well as in reconciling Tomoka's childhod friend Michiko Takeda. Also, there's a story about why Airi Kashii became the fifth member of the group before forming the Keishin Academy girls' basketball team. The Bravehearts are prepared to meet the newly recruits and Jun's Angels tomorrow. Enjoy!


    At the beginning of the vacation week, the Bravehearts stayed at the Misawa Resort Hotel, so that they would begin their plans in hoping to become new students of Kirihara Middle School. It’s day number two and it’s only two weeks before the new school year starts. It seems that they did pretty well on the activities today, they still have more activities to come and everyone knows that they will meet with Jun’s Angels as well as to reconcile with Tomoka’s childhood friend Michiko Takeda. It seems that the Bravehearts are about to move on and they seek to meet some new friends even in Kuoh Academy. Later at dusk, Mihoshi Takamura is coming tonight.

    “Mihoshi!” said the girls as their adviser from their former school appeared while wearing her new clothes that Subaru wore during the graduation of the girls. The girls hug on Mihoshi and let her seat beside Subaru.

    “How’s the vacation?” said Mihoshi.

    “Yes, we have many things in the mansion and we wanted to bring you to this mansion because Subaru had arranged a proposal for the new group” said Tomoka.

    “So, are you asking for the proposal for the group? Okay, I’ll say this, but I will tell you one thing. As you all know, I was wondering if I can handle either Mimi’s section or Masami’s section next month. It’s tough to decide, but I would end up picking Mimi’s section to be my new home to be the adviser of this class” said Mihoshi.

    “About the proposal, Subaru had plans in trying to bring the legacy of the team since we were no longer students of Keishin Academy as we will be transferring to Subaru’s former school, Kirihara Middle School” said Maho.

    “I told Aoi about how we would deal the proposal where the Hasegawa Clause can only be made by the first members of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team and that’s us” said Airi.

    “I feel happy about your return and Subaru told us about your thoughts in some facts about Jun’s Angels, Michiko Takeda and Kuoh Academy” said Saki.

    “We promised about sticking together with Subaru because he is the one who helped us building the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team to be on top and moments later, we finally become loyal to him” said Hinata. “Mihoshi, what is the status of our enrollment to Kirihara?”

    “Your enrollments for Kirihara Middle School are done in the process and Kazunari will invite you to visit Nashiba on Saturday” said Mihoshi.

    “We only have four days before we go to Kirihara to finalize your enrollment for next school year. I believe that we are set to finalize our papers and all of you will be enjoyed staying at Kirihara” said Subaru.

    “That’s great! Basically, high schoolers are preferred to choose their own decisions whether you stay at home or rent a house for your friends or yourself. I will finally start my new life in this mansion from now on” said Tomoka.

    “This mansion might be our permanent home of the Bravehearts starting April, which means that we have so many privileges to enjoy our stay here. My father will talk to your parents to agree the terms for you to stay here and we’ll make sure that this is going to be our new home” said Maho.

    “Also, Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu, you will have to stay at our mansion when you’re reaching high school, but since Subaru recognize you, you’re all welcome to stay here” said Saki.

    “Thanks, Saki!” said Mimi, Masami, Kagetsu, Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “You see, everyone has homes and most of the Tokyoites usually stay at their own, but others preferred to move to another place with friends. I finally have to let my family members to work at our sports gym for the meantime” said Airi.

    “Aside from that, it’s either the choice of renovating the room or overhauling it. I might prefer to renovate Maho’s room and the rooms for guests will be permanently belonged to us” said Hinata.

    “Subaru, let’s sleep together with me” said Tomoka.

    “Okay. Aoi and Mihoshi said that we’ll also stay here as well. Is that right?” said Subaru.

    “Yes, we are” said Aoi and Mihoshi.

    “Our team will also relocate our homes to this mansion, thanks to Subaru” said Aoi.

    “You too, Aoi” said Subaru.

    “As an adviser of this class, I wanted to thank you for coming here because it’s been a while, busy at work in Keishin as well as parent-teacher meetings for the parents. By the way, aside from the twelve that are listed as “Transferred to Another School”, the other six students from this class are also leaving for another school” said Mihoshi.

    “I talked to my teammates and they said that some will remain at Keishin for junior high school, but luckily, I have four teammates are transferring to Kirihara Middle School” said Natsuhi. “Mihoshi, you mean majority of your class are leaving Keishin?”

    “Yes, it is. There are other students are also leaving Keishin for other schools. In total, there are 45 of 243 students are transferring to Kirihara Middle School” said Mihoshi.

    “Primarily, they wanted to follow our group to keep their friendship with them even that they aren’t playing basketball” said Subaru.

    “It seems that we have some new acquaintances and of course, we will meet them soon” said Aoi.

    “That’s exactly correct, Aoi. I trust Subaru and the girls because they try to build the girls’ basketball team so that they will have many opportunities” said Mihoshi.

    “Well, it seems that next month, Mimi and her group will handle the duties, in turn, I have a proposal to give you, but first, can we talk about Kuoh Academy?” asked Subaru.

    “Uh, sure” said Mihoshi. “Before I entered the mansion, I saw a group of students who were having a mission and then a yellow-haired girl asked me to give this letter to you”

    “What’s this letter says?” asked Subaru.

    “It says, “They will be coming on Saturday at Nashiba High School.” That means, these members are going to your school while the girls are finalizing their requirements to enroll there” said Mihoshi.

    “So, are those students, who were asking you, coming from Kuoh Academy?” asked Subaru.

    “Yes. They wear white uniforms and usually the boys wear black pants and the girls wear purple skirts” said Mihoshi.

    “I get it. These students from Kuoh Academy must find some partners to join at any mission” said Saki.

    “Mihoshi, when those students are coming to us, maybe we should ask about what they are doing” said Maho.

    “Okay. This letter appears to be belonged to an organization in their academy. Its name is the Occult Research Club” said Mihoshi.

    “It appears that we will be encountering with another group of students” said Hinata.

    “I’m sure that the students from ORC are friendly to anyone, but we don’t know whether they will be also friendly to us” said Mihoshi.

    “Assumed that they are coming, we have to ask Kazunari about that organization” said Tomoka.

    “That’s right. Kazunari has many duties to do and in case you’re wondering, he went to some schools to observe the students” said Mihoshi.

    “Subaru, I think you should ask them if they have their basketball team in their school” said Airi.

    “Yes, Airi, the school has a basketball team, but they aren’t doing well unlike in Kirihara and Nashiba. Even the girls’ basketball team because Kirihara and Nashiba have experience on winning while Kuoh hasn’t win any games” said Subaru.

    “My observation about their basketball team in Kuoh is that the players are developing on their skills, but they don’t have their special skills” said Aoi.

    “Neither the captain nor the players have to work harder because they have the lack of using the abilities to fit their strategy” said Maho.

    “Beating the strategy of other schools has tendencies, but for some reason, they have the strengths and the weaknesses they encountered” said Saki.

    “Kuoh Academy had acquired some good players to play basketball, but they referred to join swimming, tennis and track and field teams” said Tomoka.

    “So, Mihoshi, what do you prefer in observing the students in our class?” asked Hinata.

    “I checked their profile of students and it says that most of the students are preferred to be good in Mathematics” said Mihoshi. “Of course, the language skills are other students who referred to be good at.”

    “Did you also check the blood types of students?” said Airi.

    “Yes, Airi. Many of the students are coming from the blood type A group while people who have their blood types of AB and O were identical. Students whose blood type is B are the least” said Mihoshi.

    “You’re a good aunt in observing the profile of students” said Subaru.

    “Thank you, Subaru. So, are you also wanted to know about our proposal?” said Mihoshi.

    “Yeah” said Subaru and the group.

    “Okay. Our proposal is that we will be building a new home to be owned by the group and we will be able to allow new members to enjoy the privileges in the group” said Mihoshi.

    “What do you think?” asked Subaru.

    “Building a new home would be a long term to finish that, but for one year, we will stay at my mansion until we will decide whether to stay or move to a new home” said Maho.

    “Subaru, my parents say that I would help you to finish our goals together. It means that I will accept the decision in moving to a new home soon” said Tomoka.

    “I prefer to start constructing our new home by the winter, so that we will be hoping to save our money for budget” said Airi.

    “Yeah, Subaru. Kagetsu and I were living at our own house for many years and I took care of my sister to play and enjoy at home. We’ll probably accept that proposal too” said Hinata.

    “Our restaurant is also my home, but I could get some time to come home, bring the ingredients and cook at the mansion” said Saki.

    “Your choice is that you will build a new home for us. I might be happy to live there and I could allow bringing my friends here” said Mimi.

    “Subaru, we won’t be worried about you anymore after we tried our best in beating Suzuridani” said Tsubaki.

    “But, we also wanted to live with you because my brother Natsuhi will be helping you to accomplish our goals” said Hiiragi.

    “Usually, I become more influenced with Saki and the girls and I wanted to do what the other girls do. So, count me in” said Masami.

    “Subaru, I love to live in this mansion, but when the time comes, I will also help you to finish the goals the group they need” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, it’s the choice you want, then, we have to keep our friendship for as long as we would finally move to our new home” said Subaru.

    “Okay” all the girls agreed to Subaru’s proposal while Mihoshi was delighted about their reactions. She would later ask the girls about the other things to do.

    “What is the other plans what I want to know?” said Mihoshi.

    “About Jun’s Angels” said Tomoka.

    “Okay. Jun’s Angels is a band coming from Shiromidai Elementary School where you study there before you transfer to Keishin and since those students are on the same grade level as you, Tomoka, and the girls, they will know you that you’re the members of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team” said Mihoshi.

    “Okay, they know about us and the good news is that they’ll come on Thursday” said Tomoka.

    “That’s great! I should give them a warm welcome to them” said Mihoshi.

    “Well, okay” said Tomoka.

    “There are many activities that we will have to do tomorrow” said Maho.

    “So, what are the activities?” said Mihoshi.

    “A variety show hosted by Maho and also, a reading activity. Both will be tomorrow” said Saki.

    “Reading is one of my hobbies when I was a young student” said Mihoshi.

    “Oh, at our variety show, I could act anything what Maho assigned me to” said Hinata.

    “We will perform a role play and it’s going to be a good activity for fun” said Airi.

    “Okay, good luck with that” said Mihoshi.

    “Thank you, Mihoshi. By the way, one of Tomoka’s childhood friends will be coming to our home on Sunday” said Airi.

    “I see. So, Tomoka, you know one of them?” said Mihoshi.

    “Yes. Her name is Michiko Takeda. She is once my friend when I let her to show my skills in basketball, but then, she turned away from me along with my other friends because of my obsession in basketball. That’s why I leave for Keishin Academy to have new friends like Maho, Airi, Hinata, Saki, Mimi, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Kagetsu and Masami” said Tomoka.

    “Okay. I heard about her. She is going to Kirihara Middle School as well” said Mihoshi.

    “Yeah, I know. I wanted to apologize to her because of my obsession in basketball. My father said that I was transferred to Keishin because my former students in Michiko’s school aren’t friendly to me anymore. Then, my loneliness hurts me and my friendship with her, but Maho was the one who convinced me to enroll at Keishin” said Tomoka.

    “Well, the concern is that Michiko forgets you because of your obsession in basketball” said Mihoshi.

    “Yeah, I was finally called by her in the recent days and she said that she will be coming to Kirihara next school year. So, I will have to apologize to her for what I have done in my former school” said Tomoka.

    “Now, Tomoka. In order to forgive her, you need to give her a gift for her. In that way, she will forgive you and will be friends with you again” said Mihoshi.

    “Okay, I’ll do it. Subaru, will you help me to forgive Michiko?” said Tomoka.

    “Well, Tomoka, I will” said Subaru.

    “We’ll do the same thing, Tomoka” said Saki as Maho, Airi and Hinata agreed to help Tomoka to forgive Michiko.

    “You’re the real hero, Tomoka, but this time, we’ll gonna help you” said Mimi with Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu nodded as they also wanted to help Tomoka as well.

    “Thank you, girls, Mihoshi and Subaru. I hope that you will make me happy for this” said Tomoka as she is smiling to them and the group has finally settled their plans to make Tomoka reconcile with her childhood friend, Michiko.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "The Admiration" Part 2

    The next day comes when the group went to the living room and Saki and Maho brought the books to the group where they are doing the reading activity.

    “An admiration to Hiroshi made Hitomi happy as they are planning to marry at any occasion. With the personalities of Hiroshi and Hitomi were alike, they began to talk about their feelings to each other” said Saki, who was reading a light novel.

    “Their plans were looking bright as both of them have to begin their new lives as a couple. Hitomi would be able to be more respectful to Hiroshi. The kindness of Hiroshi was one of the examples of a good man who was pure heart” said Maho.

    “I like the lines about how they created a relationship together” said Saki.

    “Yeah, me too” said Maho.

    “I wondered about when you are growing up, will you find a better guy?” asked Saki.

    “Uh, yes, I would. Subaru was the only one I admired with, but unlike Natsuhi, he doesn’t believe about Subaru’s likelihood of me” said Maho.

    “I would respect Subaru for what he said to me and I like a guy who has a good personality of kindness” said Saki.

    “I guess so” said Maho. “Tomoka, did you read the book?”

    “Yeah, Maho. I like the love story of Hiroshi and Hitomi. I would be glad if there are some lovely couples maintain their relationship” said Tomoka.

    “Tomoka, will you end up be with Subaru?” asked Saki.

    “Well, yes. I am very close to him and I was passionate and opportunistic to be with him” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, Airi. What do you do when you dating someone?” said Hinata.

    “I wanted to fell in love with a guy who has interests in basketball” said Airi.

    “You mean, Subaru?” said Hinata.

    “Well, I can say, yes. I possibly wanted to be with him and also, he also took some advice when I was in trouble” said Airi.

    “I had a charisma to be admired by my former classmates. You also have charisma too?” said Hinata.

    “Yeah, I wanted to be kind and loving girl. I’m sure Tomoka will do the same thing” said Airi.

    “Yeah” said Hinata as both Hinata and Airi were grinning to each other.

    Mimi and Kagetsu were reading lines in the light novel.

    “Obviously, I worked out with him because he wanted to seek his true identity of being a hard-knocked worker” said Mimi.

    “So, what are your plans with him?” said Kagetsu.

    “I wanted to show his true type of him with his own personality” said Mimi.

    “A personality test could be the solution to the question” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, it seems that I could do it” said Mimi.

    “Go on, Hitomi” said Kagetsu.

    On the other hand, Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Masami were reading their books isolated. Masami was fun of reading while Tsubaki and Hiiragi were sharing the book.

    “So, did you remember anything?” said Masami.

    “No, Masami. I thought that I would remember, but Hiiragi took the next page” said Tsubaki.

    “I told you to read fast, not getting slow” said Hiiragi.

    “Are you hoping to finish the book?” said Masami.

    “We’re almost at the end of chapter 18” said Tsubaki.

    “What’s yours?” said Hiiragi.

    “I’m at chapter 23” said Masami.

    “Wow, you read faster than us?” said Hiiragi.

    “Of course, not” said Masami.

    “Well, I don’t think we should read fast” said Tsubaki.

    “Well, I guess so” said Hiiragi.

    After an hour of reading the novel, the group was standing up as they are planning to organize a variety show. In that event, a role play was played. Airi, Hinata, Subaru, Maho and Aoi were in the stage.

    “What should I do with those dumplings?” asked Aoi.

    “You have to give it to the guests” said Maho.

    “Okay, fine. Here’s your order” said Aoi as she gives the dumplings to Airi, Hinata and Subaru. The guests ate their dumplings and they ended up hating it because of bad flavor.

    “What’s wrong with you, my dear guest?” asked Aoi.

    “This taste was bad. It tastes sour” said Airi.

    “The taste is too bitter” said Hinata.

    “My food taste is not the type I want” said Subaru.

    “You don’t want my dumplings? Then fine, but if you want to improve the taste, then I’ll do it” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, I want the dumpling to be tasted well” said Airi.

    “Make sure that you don’t add anything bad with my order” said Hinata.

    “Waitress, you have to change the flavor because I think you add some toppings to our food” said Subaru.

    “Okay, I will” said Aoi as she decided to cook the dumplings again, but she was confused on what to add the flavor with. “Uh, Maho, I have a little problem. Should I add something sweet or spicy?”

    “Only for the sweet toppings that you can make the dumplings taste good” said Maho.

    “Okay, Maho” said Aoi as she placed the sweet toppings on the dumplings and she put the dumplings on the plate. Then, she gives the dumplings to the guests and the guests ate the dumplings. This time, the taste went good and the guests were pleased of it.

    “Wow! These dumplings are delicious!” said Airi.

    “I live the flavor you have. It seems that you improved your cooking in dumplings” said Hinata.

    “Actually, this is the best dumplings I ever eat! I want more dumplings, please” said Subaru.

    “Sure, you can. Three more dumplings, coming right up” said Aoi.

    “Aoi, they want more dumplings. You have to cook more dumplings again. I mean, we should share our cooking to make sure that you have the right ingredients” said Maho. Maho and Aoi would the dumplings together and later, the guests were pleased of the servings.

    “That’s even better!” Airi, Hinata and Subaru shouted after they ate the dumplings delicious.

    “See, I told you that you have to learn the basics of cooking dumplings. With that, you have to be able to cook dumplings with the right ingredients. I was satisfied about your performance” said Maho.

    “Thank you, Maho. I’m glad that I made the right ingredients to serve this food better. It would have been a disaster for me, but I was able to use some sweets. You think that I’m a good chef?” said Maho.

    “Well, of course, you are. If you have any problems with those, ask me for help. Okay?” said Maho as she shook the hands of Aoi.

    “Yes, I will” said Aoi as the variety show was ended with Tomoka, Saki, Mimi and the other members of the group were clapping their hands. After the variety show, Maho’s phone was ringing and Maho had decided to pick it to call for someone.

    “Hello, who is this?” asked Maho.

    “It’s Kazunari from Nashiba High School basketball team. I was hoping that you and your friends from Keishin will go to Kirihara on Saturday for the final requirements of your enrollment. So, I hope you spend your vacation” said Kazunari.

    “Okay, we’ll be going on Saturday, Kazunari. Uh, may I ask you a question.” said Maho.

    “What is it?” said Kazunari.

    “Is Michiko Takeda will be coming as well?” said Maho.

    “Yes, and she is wanted to meet with Tomoka once you are here” said Kazunari.

    “Oh, okay. I’ll be talking with Tomoka regarding about this. So, thanks for calling me and we’ll see you on Saturday” said Maho.

    “Ok, see you on Saturday, Maho” said Kazunari as both were hanging up their phones.

    “Mokkan, I will tell you more about Michiko Takeda” said Maho.

    “Oh, okay. So, how’s Michiko doing right now?” said Tomoka.

    “She wanted to meet with you while we’re in Kirihara Middle School. Did I forget to say that we should buy a gift for her?” said Maho.

    “Oh, you’re right, Maho. I would be happy if she can treat me back with my own present. I realized that she is doing well and she also played basketball because of her inspiration from me” said Tomoka.

    “I hope that she pleased you again” said Maho.

    “Maybe if I’m going to treat her, I will be hoping that she will able to join our group and I may try to do some plans with her” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, Mokkan. I hope Subaru would ask her if she can join our group” said Maho.

    “Well, if I have time, I will talk to him” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, I’ll be glad to” said Maho. At night, the group went on a dinner.Banri and Airi were about to announce the next activities.

    “Tomorrow, the newly recruits will be coming to our home and also Aoi and her friends will be conducting some activities in the morning. Mimi, get ready for some activities to be prepared for the newly recruits” said Banri.

    “Okay, Banri” said Mimi.

    “On the afternoon, we will split up the group where one group will go to Jun’s house and the other group will buy some ice cream for the ice cream sundae for tomorrow’s dinner” said Airi.

    “For the afternoon activities, the girls will be divided into three groups. Tomoka, Airi, Hinata, Saki, Mimi, Masami and Subaru will go to Jun’s house while Maho, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Kagetsu and Aoi will go to the supermarket to buy some ice cream. All of the newly recruits will be staying at the mansion with me, Natsuhi, Tae and Satsuki” said Banri.

    “The groups for the morning activities will be Team A, B, C and D. Team A will be led by Tomoka, Team B will be led by Maho, Team C will be led by Mimi and Team D will be reserved for the newly recruits. Members for Teams A, B and C will be revealed tomorrow” said Kagetsu.

    “As of now, there is a chance of whether the other members will group with the same group as in the afternoon groups. For the exceptions, Tomoka, Maho and Mimi will be meeting with Kagetsu, Aoi, Banri and I. Of course, I will be most likely joining with Tomoka and also Subaru, Natsuhi and Mihoshi will be in charge for now” said Airi.

    “Maho, we have a meeting later on regarding the groups for the morning activities. As for the members, I glad that Airi will be the first member of my group while the others will be randomly selected by us” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, it will be a drawing of members for each group and while it is ongoing, the rest of the members will go to my bedroom. The meeting will be at the living room, so come and join us” said Maho.

    “We will” said Tomoka, Airi, Banri, Kagetsu, Mimi and Aoi as the group were split into two groups. Subaru called the other members of the group to enter at Maho’s bedroom. Saki and Hinata were talking to each other about the activities for tomorrow.

    “Hinata, we will wear our bicycle clothes for the activities” said Saki.

    “Oh, you’re correct, Saki. I remember about what Airi said. We’re drawing for the members of the group. I have three options” said Hinata.

    “What are those?” asked Saki.

    “The first option is that we might end up with Tomoka and Airi, but the second option is either of us will be joining Tomoka’s group and the other will join to either Maho’s group or Mimi’s group. The other option is that neither of us will be in Tomoka’s group” said Hinata.

    “Well, we can reveal the results tomorrow. Subaru, can you give me a favor?” said Saki.

    “Uh, sure. What can I ask for?” said Subaru.

    “Can we play with you at the bed?” asked Saki.

    “Well, I might have to and in case of Tomoka is in a short meeting, we should start having some plans for tomorrow” said Subaru.

    “Oh, that would be a great idea, Subaru” said Hinata.

    “According to the schedule, we should start the next activity: storytelling” said Saki.

    “Oh, it’s time for storytelling time” said Subaru.

    “Everyone, Subaru and I will tell about a story” said Saki. Everyone on Maho’s bedroom had come to the bed where Subaru and I are telling the story.

    “You see, the story is based on how Hinata and I were visiting at Airi’s home. One day, Tomoka said that she will have to find one more member of the team to form the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team. When we’re going to Airi’s home, not the sports gym, we were met by Airi’s brother Banri. Banri told us that Airi is not at home. She is in the sports gym with Tomoka and Maho” said Saki.

    “Then, we told Banri to eat some dinner for a while and Banri told us that the Kashii family was one of the families that were good in sports. Banri is a fitness specialist and Airi is a basketball player from her former school, not in Keishin, because Airi was transferred to Keishin when she is nine. Then, I asked Banri to borrow the clothes of Airi and he accepts it. This goes the same thing for Saki as well” said Hinata.

    “As we’re wearing the fitness clothes, Banri leads us to the Kashii Sports Gym. It is located downtown on the east of Tokyo with seven houses from the Kashii family house. Maho and Tomoka appeared at the entrance and they saw us. Maho said “There you are, Saki, Hinata. Come here at Kashii Sports Gym.” Hinata and I say, “Ok, we’ll go there as well.” So, Hinata, Banri and I went to the fitness room where Airi meet us for the first time” said Saki.

    “You must be one of Tomoka’s friends. Well, hello there” said Airi.

    “As you can see, your brother wanted to see you” said Hinata.

    “Okay, thanks for visiting my family sports gym. I’m Airi Kashii, the youngest member of the Kashii family. I have four other siblings and I’m a basketball player from my former school. I enrolled at Keishin when I was a fourth grader and then, Saki, Maho and Hinata were my classmates on my class. So, you girls know Tomoka?” said Airi.

    “Oh, yes. Airi, Tomoka will be transferring to your school. Is that right, Tomoka?” said Saki.

    “Yes, it was, Saki” said Tomoka.

    “Airi, will you join the group to form the basketball team?” said Hinata.

    “Yes, Hinata. I’ll accept my membership for the basketball team” said Airi as she is happily smiled on Hinata and Saki.

    “Alright. With Airi joining the team, which means we’re going to create the girls’ basketball team. Oh, Tomoka, are you happy on your stay at the Sports Gym?” said Hinata.

    “Yes, I’m finally going fit to play basketball after one hour of training” said Tomoka.

    “It sure it was” said Saki. “We should be ready to officially form the team, girls.”

    “We sure do” all the girls replied.

    “After Airi became the fifth member of the group, we decided to form the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team. Eventually, Subaru Hasegawa became the mentor for the team and admit our counterparts, the boys’ basketball team, that we were greater than theirs” said Saki. “At the time, I asked Airi to train well and she said “Saki, I’ll make sure that I have the ability to jump high, block shots and shoot higher as I can.”

    “That’s going to be the end of the story about how we met Airi” said Hinata. Tae, Satsuki, Masami, Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Mihoshi were clapping hands on Hinata, Saki and Subaru. Then, Natsuhi brought some glasses of water.

    “Well, it seems that everyone is exhausted, here, have some are the glasses of water. Drink up, everyone” said Natsuhi. The members of the group drink their water until they are all refreshed. “Okay, it appears that the draw is over, we should find out tomorrow on who will be grouping with.”

    “Natsuhi, can we decide on who should be going with?” said Tae.

    “Not yet, but as far as I know, the boys and Aoi will be acted as judges” said Natsuhi.

    “Well, I hope the team leaders are about to pick their members” said Satsuki.

    “Everyone, the others members are here” said Tsubaki.

    “We should go now. Good luck tomorrow” said Hiiragi as she, Mihoshi, Tsubaki, Masami, Natsuhi, Satsuki and Tae are leaving the room while Maho, Airi, Tomoka and Kagetsu entering the room.

    “Are everyone finished the storytelling activity?” said Airi.

    “Yes, Airi. We talked about how you became the fifth member of the first team of the group” said Hinata.

    “You mean when we formed our basketball team?” said Airi.

    “Yes, it was. And by the way, Tomoka, why are you close friends with Airi when you met her for the first time?” said Hinata.

    “Airi and I were close friends like Maho and it seems that we trained together at the sports gym” said Tomoka.

    “You’re admiring me, Tomoka. I hope that we should train together at the sports gym at weekends” said Airi.

    “Yes, I will, Airi” said Tomoka. “Maho, let’s switch places, so that you can sleep with Subaru.”

    “Okay, Tomoka. Saki, you’ll be with Tomoka instead and Hinata, you’ll be with Airi and Kagetsu” said Maho.

    “Well, the place is yours. After all, you’re the one who sleeps in this place” said Saki.

    “Great. Airi, you should be exhausting, but you should be sleep beside me and Kagetsu” said Hinata.

    “Okay, Hinata. You’re going with me” said Airi.

    “Okay, Airi” said Hinata.

    “We should be ready for tomorrow, everyone” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay” all the girls and Subaru replied. That marks the end of the third day of the group’s vacation. Tomorrow will be a big day for the group as the newly recruits are coming to the Misawa Resort Hotel for the next activities made by the Bravehearts.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 4: "Recruits and Angels"

    I will be posting Chapter 4 tomorrow which will be the first full appearance of the newly recruits including Himeko Katayama and Jun Gotō and the Angels from Tenshi no 3P!/Angel's 3Piece! To know the new characters, here are some teasers for the next chapter.

    1.) For the newly recruits
      Spoiler: Newly recruits 
    Himeko Katayama, Mizuko Fujisaki, Yuka Suehiro, Chiyako Kayama, Hana Mikimoto, Asuka Yokoi and Kana Hanaoka are on their way to Maho’s mansion after they were called by Mimi Balguerie last night about their big day for the training activities at the mansion.

    2.) For the characters from Tenshi no 3P!/Angel's 3Piece!
      Spoiler: Characters from Tenshi no 3P! 
    Meanwhile, members of Jun's Angels, Jun Gotō, Sora Kaneshiro, Nozomi Momijidani, Kōme Ogi, Sakura Toriumi, Yuzuha Aigae, Kurumi Nukui and Kyō Nukui, who were riding their own bicycles, were seeing the newly recruits as they know about their friend’s short vacation. Their friend refers to Tomoka Minato. The Bravehearts were prepared for the fourth day of the short vacation.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    As Tenshi no 3P!/Angel's 3Piece anime series is ongoing, this chapter is special as it will be the first part of Ro-Kyu-Bu! meets Tenshi no 3P!/Angel's 3Piece! The next chapter will be the second part of this special event. Enjoy!

    This chapter will be the first full appearance of Himeko Katayama, Mizuko Fujisaki, Yuka Suehiro, Chiyako Kayama, Hana Mikimoto, Asuka Yokoi and Kana Hanaoka, representing the Second Bravehearts, and Jun Gotō, Sora Kaneshiro, Nozomi Momijidani, Kōme Ogi, Sakura Toriumi, Yuzuha Aigae, Kurumi Nukui and Kyō Nukui from Tenshi no 3P!/Angel's 3Piece! Also, this chapter will focus on the special training for the group and the newly recruits as Himeko and her team are looking forward to show their skills in different categories.


    Himeko Katayama, Mizuko Fujisaki, Yuka Suehiro, Chiyako Kayama, Hana Mikimoto, Asuka Yokoi and Kana Hanaoka are on their way to the Misawa Resort Hotel after they were called by Mimi Balguerie last night about their big day for the training activities at the mansion.

    “Mimi is calling me last night about our next activity” said Himeko.

    “Well, what’s that information about?” asked Mizuko.

    “Mizuko, the team captain called Himeko last night and we were about to meet the new Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team” said Yuka.

    “Okay, I get it” said Mizuko.

    “Preparing for the training is set to go before we head through the mansion” said Chiyako.

    “Aside from the training, what Mimi said?” said Kana.

    “We will stay for at least three days before we will be called by Mimi soon” said Himeko.

    “I’m getting excited about this training” said Asuka, who was energetic like Maho.

    “You said it, Asuka” said Hana.

    “I got the requirements to bring and I was able to buy at the supermarket two days ago” said Mizuko.

    “Nice job, Mizuko” said Yuka.

    “Thanks” said Mizuko.

    “It appears that we would be able to give the new captain about the mechanics and let’s show what we got” said Chiyako.

    “Well, you think you will beat Mimi and her group?” said Kana.

    “Why, yes, it will definitely have our reputation to be good as we would” said Chiyako.

    “Of course, Chiyako. There are many players who were experienced playing basketball as well” said Kana.

    “That’s good. I usually begin to play basketball when I was five” said Hana.

    “So, you memorize anything?” said Asuka.

    “Yes, I did. When are we become official members of the team?” said Hana.

    “Soon, Hana. Mimi would be happy if we were performed well” said Asuka.

    “I guess so. Let’s keep moving, girls” said Hana.

    “Okay!” the girls replied as they were remained to walk like the other girls did during the training. They are almost reaching the mansion and are set to begin the fourth day of the Bravehearts’ short vacation.

    Meanwhile, members of Jun’s Angels, Jun Gotō, Sora Kaneshiro, Nozomi Momijidani, Kōme Ogi, Sakura Toriumi, Yuzuha Aigae, Kurumi Nukui and Kyō Nukui, who were riding their own bicycles, were seeing the newly recruits as they know about their friend’s short vacation. Their friend refers to Tomoka Minato. The Bravehearts were prepared for the fourth day of the short vacation.

    “Argh, I almost forgot that this is going to be the big day for the newly recruits” said Tsubaki.

    “We’re struggled to drink tea and Natsuhi was helping Mimi on training equipment” said Hiiragi.

    “Well, since your brother was busy, why you girls help me for the decorations?” said Masami.

    “Okay, Masami” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi as Masami gave the twins a set of decorations. Meanwhile, Subaru and Aoi were talking about what the group to do.

    “Aoi, it seems that we are fixing the terrace into a mini field to prepare for the activities today” said Subaru.

    “Well, you are going to be the judge, right?” said Subaru.

    “Yes, Aoi. I would be pleased with Tomoka and the girls and I’m sure this training will help them to become members of our basketball team” said Subaru.

    “Are you hoping to bring your gear back when you’re back in Nashiba?” said Aoi.

    “Yes, it was. Unfortunately, I don’t get it. Why that guy was having an affair with another adviser, then he was violated for his actions?” said Subaru.

    “It’s because he was doing bad actions on her and you know that sexual harassment was against the school rules. Since he is a basketball player, his playing career was come to anabrupt end and the whole basketball team was suspended for a year” said Aoi.

    “That’s true. I’m sure we need to be more determined and we need the girls to be more serious. It means that we should commit good values and make them friendlier as they can” said Subaru.

    “You’re right. I voiced out to see how the girls doing and I should give my teammates some more time to gather about the activities soon. But let’s make sure that I have to be more careful on some bad students on the block” said Aoi.

    “My thoughts on becoming a mentor are that I let the strategy of the team to be more complex and I made a complete sequence of the girls playing because it has to be more reflexive and to be stable. I’m sure that my playbook would be upgraded to both Nashiba boys’ and girls’ basketball team when we get there to the training soon” said Subaru.

    “I hope that you will do well in improving the strategy. Especially, you need to help me for assignments, so that I can help you in return” said Aoi.

    “Well, Aoi, it’s a deal” said Subaru, who was happily agreed about how he was able to solve problems during the time when Subaru helped Airi to overcome aquaphobia was the reason why Subaru didn’t need help on Aoi to finish their assignments before Aoi would reveal Subaru’s secret.

    “Okay, gather up, everyone” said Aoi as the members of the Bravehearts are present after the mini field was filled with equipment and training facilities.

    “We make sure that this training will be set and I’m hoping you to enjoy this training because later in the afternoon, we will split the group into three and do our next activities at the same time” said Aoi.

    “It sure is going to be a big day for the newly recruits, Aoi” said Mimi.

    “Yes, the newly recruits were arrived shortly, so…” said Aoi

    “…the girls are now here” said Kagetsu as the newly recruits were appeared in bicycle clothes like the other girls did.

    “Welcome to the Misawa Resort Hotel, newly recruits” said Banri.

    “It seems that you are prepared to do the big training” said Mimi.

    “I was observing you last time when we’re on weekend training and now that’s the time to start your big training here with some equipment and training facilities were here” said Masami.

    “It means that you are gonna prepare yourselves to face sweat” said Satsuki.

    “And this training will be more different than the usual training in Keishin, so this is a special training by the members of Nashiba High School and team captain of Keishin girls’ basketball team Mimi Balguerie” said Tomoka.

    “Now, if you are here, then, you must introduce to us right now” said Maho.

    “I’m Himeko Katayama from section B”

    “I’m Mizuko Fujisaki from section D”

    “I’m Yuka Suehiro from section D”

    “I’m Chiyako Kayama from section C”

    “I’m Hana Mikimoto from section B”

    “I’m Asuka Yokoi from section D”

    “And I’m Kana Hanaoka from section D”

    “We’re coming from the incoming fifth grade of Keishin Academy”

    “Nice introduction you got here” said Airi.

    “It means that we’re going to introduce ourselves as well as we’re going to show you the teams” said Hinata.

    “For Team A, I’m Tomoka Minato, your leader for this group and founder of Keishin girls’ basketball team”

    “I’m Airi Kashii, deputy leader of the group”

    “I’m Saki Nagatsuka, your third member of the group”

    “And I’m Tae Mishōji, your fourth member of the group”

    “For Team B, I’m Maho Misawa, your leader for this group”

    “I’m Masami Fujii, deputy leader of the group”

    “I’m Tsubaki Takenaka, your third member of the group”

    “And I’m her twin, Hiiragi Takenaka, your fourth member of the group”

    “For Team C, I’m Mimi Balguerie, your leader for this group”

    “I’m Hinata Hakamada, deputy leader of the group”

    “I’m Kagetsu Hakamada, your third member of the group”

    “And I’m Satsuki Kakizono, your fourth member of the group”

    “For the judges, I’m Aoi Ogiyama, second year student from Nashiba High School”

    “I’m Subaru Hasegawa, former mentor of Keishin girls’ basketball team”

    “I’m Natsuhi Takenaka, former team captain of Keishin boys’ basketball team”

    “I’m Banri Kashii, brother of Airi and second year student from Nashiba High School”

    “And I’m Mihoshi Takamura, adviser from Keishin Academy”

    “We’re calling the group composed of pure heart and brave members known as…” said Subaru.

    “…the Bravehearts!” all the members of the group said together.

    “So, now, you know about us where we started the group as members of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team” said Tomoka.

    “Now, we expanded the group with fifth graders and friends” said Maho.

    “We are the ones who are trying to succeed in winning games” said Saki.

    “We are the ones who are creating opportunities to make these things come true” said Airi.

    “We are hard-working players and the key to make the strategy success is to give us some special skills” said Hinata.

    “And that’s why we adopt the group from the success of the girls’ basketball team up to the formation of true friendship of the members of the Bravehearts” said Aoi.

    “Now, this training is going to be more special than the training in Keishin as we are ones who were helping Mimi for today’s activity” said Banri.

    “Each group will get past the obstacles in the first run, then, through the tires, and finally, through the cones where you will be able to finish the competition. So, now, get ready for the first part of the special training” said Subaru.

    Later, four teams are competing for the first part of the special training. Teams C and Team D are trying to get the lead with Team D winning. Later, in a tug-of-war match, Team B defeats Team A and Team D defeats Team C. Team B would face off against Team D with Team D winning with full power from Asuka Yokoi.

    In the third and final part of the special training, Team A and Team D did well on the sprint race with Tomoka and Himeko both reach the finish line. Eventually, Team A finally gets their first win for the team. At the end of the special training, all of the members of the Bravehearts and the newly recruits gather up again in the center of the mini field.

    “Okay, as the judges are observing, Team D has the most number of wins, so they will be receiving the token for winning two competitions. The player who has more strength and more power to lead the team is Himeko Katayama. Congratulations, Himeko, here’s your medal” said Aoi as she gives Team D and Himeko Katayama the medals for winning the two competitions and Himeko was praised for her actions to the team.

    “Right now, it’s almost noon and since you, girls, are hungry, right? You have to take a short break and have to take a short bath to make yourself refreshed from playing hard” said Subaru. “Lunch will be served in 30 minutes, so enjoy the rest of the hour.”

    “We’ll do” everyone said as they will have to take a rest and take their short bath in a special bathroom. In separate rooms, three groups were made: the group of Tomoka and her friends, the group of Subaru and his friends, and the group of newly recruits.

    In the room where Tomoka and her friends are taking their bath, they spoke about their plans for the afternoon activities.

    “Now, that you’re exhausted from the training, we should be ready to eat our lunch soon” said Saki.

    “Well, I was happy about winning the sprint race, Tomoka” said Airi.

    “Yeah, I was. You are helping me to get past Himeko while you’re in the lead” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, I am. My speed is working well because it seems that I would be able to block shots through my jumping skills” said Airi.

    “My observations are trying to improve the skills while you’re competing against other teams. It’s because we were able to pull the others out, but we never get past on the first two events, but we surely did at the end” said Saki.

    “Maho, did you have some food to eat later?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka. I had some delicious pasta and bread to make sure that we will be refreshed later on” said Maho.

    “It seems that we did well in training, but we should share the food later on to the newly recruits” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, that’s a great idea, Tomoka. I have to say that we should give them what they need, so that’s what we care for the members” said Maho.

    “Yeah” said Tomoka.

    “I refer to drink cranberry juice than blueberry juice, Airi” said Saki.

    “I prefer to drink cranberry juice, Saki, because I love to drink anything that is either orange or brownish red. I’m sure that your okonomiyakis must be served soon” said Airi.

    “Yeah, I asked the siblings of Maho to find the ingredients, cook the food, and serve the drinks to be made” said Saki.

    “You are also helping the member of the Misawa family. That’s nice. You’re close friends with Maho and I also have close friends with Tomoka and Hinata for being kind to me” said Airi.

    “I’m assuming that Maho and I were usually go outside together, but it seems that you are coming with me as well, so I like you that first time we meet” said Saki.

    “Yeah, did you eat your okonomiyaki and other foods when you’re home?” said Airi.

    “Yes, Airi. I was being called special by my father and I was able to treat my father back to share our food together” said Saki.

    “I hoped that when we are going to my family sports gym, you know that it’s better to cool off and exercise to make us healthy and fit again. I can invite you if you want” said Airi.

    “Okay, Airi, I will do it” said Saki.

    “So, Mimi, what’s your impression on the newly recruits?” said Hinata.

    “The girls are doing fine and they were able to do what they did since they know about their special skills” said Mimi.

    “I was impressed on Asuka and Kana because they were alike to each other just like you and me, Mimi” said Kagetsu.

    “It sure is. Is there anything I can say to them?” said Mimi.

    “Well, try them to keep up their training until they finally know how they will play in a real game” said Kagetsu.

    “In that way, they will know you when they are finally learned about how they will operate the strategy towards some situations in a game” said Hinata.

    “Well, thank you for your advice, Kagetsu and Hinata. I will make sure that the newly recruits are doing well soon” said Mimi.

    “I looked about the player profiles and it says that Yuka and Hana are connected to each other because they surely become good defenders, but not usually good in offense” said Masami.

    “Can you say that Yuka was more identical to Hana?” said Hiiragi.

    “Well, it might be because Yuka was trying to develop herself from trying to get past the opponents. Even there’s luck, she can determine what she has to use on her mind to get a move” said Tsubaki.

    “Hana was a good center and it has a different comparison to Kagetsu and Airi, however, she has slow acceleration, but she’s good in shooting” said Masami.

    “I might say that you are really a good observer, Masami, but are you faster than her?” said Tsubaki.

    “Well, I’m not definitely good in acceleration and stamina but I’m way agile and faster to get past on her” said Masami.

    “I recommended looking at the minds and traits of her, so that you could see how you observe her better” said Hiiragi.

    “It seems that I may be astonished if Hana is getting past on me” said Masami.

    “She gets past on you, Masami? I’m sure that it’s worth that I will get past on her” said Hiiragi.

    “I doubt that you need to be better in looking at directions” said Tsubaki.

    “Tomoka, are the girls are finished taking their bath?” said Saki.

    “Well, they are almost done. So, what are we gonna eat at dinner?” said Tomoka.

    “I should tell you that you need to make an ice cream sundae tonight” said Airi.

    “Yeah, I like ice cream sundaes because it has different flavors and I wanted to make ice cream sundaes for you and myself. I think this will be our dessert for our dinner tonight” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, Tomoka. I hope Maho will help you for that” said Saki.

    “I will buy the ice cream later on while you go to Jun’s house” said Maho.

    “Oh, I will be happy if you will give us a dessert later tonight, Tomoka” said Hinata.

    “You can do it, Tomoka. I know that ice cream sundaes are good and toppings can add this taste to be more delicious” said Airi.

    “It sure is, Airi. I realized that I might plan things out for dinner tonight” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah” said Maho, Hinata, Airi and Saki.

    “Then, we should be all refreshed to prepare for lunch” said Tomoka with a smile while the other girls were smiled as well.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    'Recruits and Angels" Part 2

    On the other hand, Subaru and his friends went on a bath with the newly recruits.

    “I’m happy about your performance, recruits. It seems that one day, you will end up joining with Mimi and the basketball team soon” said Aoi.

    “It sure is, Aoi” said Himeko.

    “Now, what are you gonna do when we are gone later?” said Subaru.

    “We will tour the mansion, so that when we need to go there, we should give permission to Maho and her family members” said Mizuko.

    “That’s a great idea!” said Yuka. “We might have free time to enjoy the place while the others are going to Jun’s house and supermarket.”

    “Okay, Natushi will tour you to see the whole place” said Aoi.

    “Yeah, I hope you enjoyed this mansion, but there are some places that you didn’t encounter” said Natsuhi.

    “Yeah, we would be glad if we want to see the entire place” said Asuka.

    “Okay, but since the remaining members are assigned to stay here, we should help you to see the entire place” said Tae.

    “So, is that mean the others will return soon?” said Hana.

    “Yes, since we assigned them to different places, we are ones who will be in charged for now” said Satsuki.

    “Well, one suggestion, Satsuki. Are you sure we will play if we’re officially become members of the group?” said Chiyako.

    “Yes, Chiyako. We have the privileges to become members of the Bravehearts and that’s why we will allow you to stay here for a few days because you aren’t still official members” said Satsuki.

    “Okay, I get it” said Chiyako.

    “So, Banri, can we able to copy the special abilities from other members of the group?” said Kana.

    “It’s your choice whether you can copy the special abilities or not” said Banri.

    “Okay, we make sure that I will be able to improve my playing skills” said Kana.

    “You sure do, Kana” said Banri.

    “We will have our lunch later on, so we should be refreshed and ready to go” said Subaru.

    “Okay” said the other members and the newly recruits. Later, after their lunch, the Bravehearts were divided into three groups. Tomoka, Airi, Hinata, Saki, Mimi, Masami and Subaru are assigned to go to Jun Gotō’s house, Maho, Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Kagetsu and Aoi are assigned to go to the supermarket to buy ice cream and Banri, Natsuhi, Tae, Satsuki, Himeko, Mizuko, Yuka, Chiyako, Hana, Asuka and Kana are the remaining members to stay at the mansion to begin touring the entire mansion.

    “Now, everyone, please return after you accomplish your goals and make sure that call us when you’re done” said Satsuki.

    “Okay” the entire group all replied along with the newly recruits as they temporarily part ways for their goals they need to accomplished. The group of Tomoka went to the left while the group of Maho went to the right while the remaining members returned to the mansion.

    While walking, Masami and Mimi asked Tomoka about Jun’s Angels.

    “Jun is your friend when you’re back in fourth grade up to fifth grade” said Mimi.

    “Yes, Mimi. Jun and I were usually friends when we’re back in my former school Shiromidai Elementary School before I went to Keishin. The main difference is that Jun is the opposite of Michiko. Jun is so kind to me, but Michiko is not like the other students” said Tomoka.

    “So, that’s why Jun is still with you even Michiko turned away from you” said Masami.

    “Yeah, we’re still friends until I was transferred to Keishin Academy. On the other hand, Jun began to be friends with other bandmates: Nozomi and Sora. Our friendship with her is remained unchanged unlike Michiko” said Tomoka.

    “Then, it means that Jun hates Michiko?” said Mimi.

    “Maybe, it seems that both of them were also become rivals because of the connections that make these students went up to fight” said Tomoka.

    “So, you said that Jun has other associates, right?” said Masami.

    “Yes. They are Kōme Ogi, Sakura Toriumi, Yuzuha Aigae, Kurumi Nukui and Kyō Nukui. Kurumi was seemed to be closed to Jun and her classmates and I believe that it was the same connection as Airi and Saki” said Tomoka.

    “Kyō Nukui was a high schooler from Niida Nishi High School and his age was the same as mine. He had posted songs online and he was able to attract himself to sing with the Angels. I realized that he must be dating Jun Gotō” said Subaru.

    “I remembered about Kyō’s sister Kurumi because she thinks that Jun and her bandmates are popular in their school, then she decided to ask Jun to join the band and the latter accepted Kurumi’s invitation. She came from Dragon≒Nuts” said Airi.

    “Yuzuha Aigae was once being a producer of the music club before she joined the Angels with Kōme Ogi. She is one of the members of her former band First Chorus before they went on their own careers on their fifth grade” said Masami.

    “For Kōme, I asked her about Jun and Baby’s breath and she said that they usually make nicknames to each band members with their own codenames. I’m sure that they are looking forward to visit us soon” said Saki.

    “Sakura Toriumi was definitely a resemblance of Hinata. She seems that they were intelligent and charming to the boys. Also, I believe that Sakura was probably the one who asked the members to give some advice and arrange the songs out of it” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, Sakura was here when we’re leaving Keishin Academy after she asked me about how are they doing and we know that we’re about to enter junior high school soon. I like her expression and she’s a good student in her school” said Hinata.

    “So, you know about the other members, right?” said Subaru.

    “Yes” Tomoka, Airi, Saki and Hinata said.

    “What are the profiles of the members of Jun’s Angels?” said Subaru.

    “Jun Gotō was my friend and it seems that she is compassionate to everyone since she likes to play her guitar and create songs. I believe that she is also a top student in her class like Saki” said Tomoka.

    “Nozomi is a girl with joy and grace and she follows Jun every time they meet each other. I think both Nozomi and Maho are friends as well and it seems that Maho was friendlier and cheerful to us” said Masami.

    “Sora was calm like me and her expression was small. The students know that Sora was not much a secretive girl who likes to play drums. Everyone in the school knows that she has a solid and undefiant personality” said Mimi.

    “The other group is on their way to the supermarket, but we’re almost reaching to Jun’s house” said Tomoka.

    “Alright, Jun’s house, he we come” said Saki.

    Meanwhile, on the other group, Maho was looking at Tsubaki’s phone about their to-do list.

    “Tsubaki, are we gonna buy ice cream?” said Maho.

    “Yes, it is said on the list, but we should buy at least two or three flavors” said Tsubaki.

    “Okay, what flavors can we buy?” said Maho.

    “I don’t know but the only I know is that strawberry is the only list that was listed” said Tsubaki.

    “Vanilla would be nice” said Kagetsu.

    “Oh, that’s a great idea, Kagetsu. It means that we should buy both strawberry and vanilla flavors, am I right?” said Maho.

    “Yeah” said Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Kagetsu and Aoi.

    “Is everyone enjoying my lunch?” said Maho.

    “Yeah” said Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Kagetsu and Aoi.

    “So, Maho, why do you prefer to serve desserts other than you cook foods?” said Hiiragi.

    “I love desserts and I was able to buy the right ingredients. Then, I was able to serve these when my family and I were eating our entrees. Main dishes were my second favorite dishes to eat” said Maho.

    “The reason I like vanilla other than strawberry is because the flavor looks fit my favorite color white, but I also like other flavors that are close to violet or magenta” said Kagetsu.

    “Tsubaki, what flavor does you like?” said Hiiragi.

    “I like pistachio ice cream. How about yours?” said Tsubaki.

    “I like chocolate ice cream, but I refer to eat blueberry ice cream” said Hiiragi.

    “It doesn’t matter on what the flavor you like, but it has many choices you want. I even love to eat ice cream. The main reason why I love to eat ice cream is because cold snacks are much delicious than sweet foods. However, I also eat pretzel sticks while I’m at home” said Maho.

    “Wow, you like sweets?” said Hiiragi.

    “I guess a little of it” said Maho.

    “Can we share some pretzel sticks?” said Tsubaki.

    “Okay, since you’re friendlier to me than being prankster” said Maho.

    “Thank you, Maho” said Tsubaki and Hiiragi.

    “Aoi, did you like desserts too?” said Kagetsu.

    “Yes, Kagetsu. I don’t usually eat sweets, but I ate cold snacks like ice creams and sundaes. Crepes are mostly my favorite as well” said Aoi.

    “Okay. I don’t know if Tomoka and her friends are sharing Maho’s bedroom” said Kagetsu.

    “Well, Subaru said that Tomoka, Mihoshi and he were able to share at the right, Maho and Saki at the center and Airi, Hinata and Kagetsu at the left. Is that true that you are with your sister and Airi all the time?” said Aoi.

    “Yes, we were able to be together when we’re going to fashion store or sports gym. Airi wants to become a sport trainer like her brother, Hinata wants to become a fashion designer while I wanted to become a photographer” said Kagetsu.

    “You seem to be related to each other, but I hope that when you grow up, you will end up being success on your career” said Aoi.

    “Well, thank you, Aoi” said Kagetsu.

    Back at Tomoka’s group, they reach to Jun Gotō’s home where the band Jun’s Angels and Dragon≒Nuts were resided there. It seems that other members of the band were appeared as well. The music was filled in their house because the band is having a practice.

    “So, this is Jun’s house. I will take a look” said Tomoka. Tomoka’s group went inside to see what’s going on with the band. Since Jun’s Angels allowed guests to come in their house, they have also privileges as well just like the Misawa Resort Hotel.

    “Welcome to the home of the Angels” said Masayoshi Sawatari. “You must be Tomoka. Then, come inside to the Angels’ Room.

    “Thanks, Masayoshi” said Tomoka. The group finally meets Jun and the Angels as the band stopped their practice to see Tomoka and her friends.

    “Hi, Jun. It’s me, Tomoka” said Tomoka.

    “Oh, Tomoka. You came here to visit our home” said Jun.

    “Nice to see you, Tomoka. Welcome to the room of the Angels” said Nozomi.

    “Well, if it is Tomoka and her friends. Hi there” said Sora.

    “Wow! I believe they recognize me since I was in Shiromidai” said Tomoka. “I will re-introduce myself the way we meet before. I’m Tomoka Minato. I’m currently enrolling at Kirihara Middle School and I’m more helpful and respectful to my friends. These are my friends, the Bravehearts.”

    “I’m Saki Nagatsuka. We’re friends with Tomoka since last year and we were able to help the basketball team from struggle to victory”

    “I’m Airi Kashii. Tomoka and I were usually friends when we met each other for the first time in my home”

    “I’m Hinata Hakamada. I remember when Tomoka met me and I was asking her to buy some pencils and pens for my school materials”

    “I’m Mimi Balguerie. Tomoka met me when I was called by Subaru’s father to come by and play and we usually meet other when we’re having an outing”

    “I’m Masami Fujii. I recognized Tomoka when she, Saki and her friends were able to help me to cook my food during the festival”

    “And I’m Subaru Hasegawa. I’m the one mentoring the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team and I am so glad that you are Tomoka’s friends in her former school”

    “Yes, it is, Subaru. So, Tomoka, it seems that you and your friends came from Keishin Academy, right?” said Jun.

    “Yeah, I was the ace player of the team and Subaru was the one who helped me and my friends to win games” said Tomoka.

    “Okay. Now, that you still remember me when you left for Keishin, I should know that I created a band known as Jun’s Angels or also known as Baby’s breath” said Jun.

    “We are the band that was composed of orphans and students” said Nozomi.

    “The sound of the angels hears anything with our hearts filled” said Sora.

    “I tell you that you are good in singing, right?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, we are” said Jun, Nozomi and Sora.

    “In Keishin, there are a few musical bands and they have the same level as your band” said Saki.

    “You’re correct, Saki. Music is one of the top three that the students’ hobbies have. Others are basketball and cooking” said Airi.

    “Oh, it looks like your band has more members. Everybody knows that the Angels have created many songs” said Hinata.

    “We know that this band was considered on top in your school and I believe that we wanted you to visit our new home later on” said Subaru.

    “Well, Tomoka said to us that we’ll coming to the mansion later on” said Jun. “So, if you want to know us, we’ll introduce ourselves.”

    “I’m Jun Gotō. The guitarist of the Angels, representing Baby’s breath”

    “I’m Nozomi Momojidani. The bassist of the Angels, representing Baby’s breath”

    “I’m Sora Kaneshiro. The drummist of the Angels, representing Baby’s breath”

    “I’m Kurumi Nukui. Lead female vocalist of the Angels, representing Dragon≒Nuts”

    “I’m Sakura Toriumi. Assistant to Kyō Nukui and producer of the Angels”

    “I’m Kōme Ogi. Back-up vocalist of the Angels, representing Dragon≒Nuts”

    “I’m Yuzuha Aigae. Back-up vocalist of the Angel, representing Dragon≒Nuts s”

    “And I’m Kyō Nukui. Leading male vocalist of the Angels”

    “And we call the name of this band: Jun’s Angels!” all the members said together.

    “Wow! You are really awesome!” said Tomoka.

    “Well, thank you, Tomoka. But, unfortunately, it seems that we can’t perform our song without completing the tone of the song. We will practice more, is that right?” said Jun.

    “Yes, Jun. By the way, we will become seventh graders like you as we’re entering toKamata Middle School. We will try to continue our practice soon” said Nozomi.

    “Like they said, we might prepare a song for you soon. So, don’t be surprised when we’re performing our song” said Sora.

    “Great! Jun, I should let you come to our group for a few days, then, we will prepare for some ice cream sundae at dinner” said Tomoka.

    “That would be a great idea, Tomoka! I love to come with you since we’re schoolmates before” said Jun.

    “Okay, let’s walk back to the mansion” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” the members of Tomoka’s group and Jun’s Angels replied while Maho and her group have bought both strawberry and vanilla ice cream from the supermarket. Aoi bought fruits, Kagetsu bought pretzel sticks and Tsubaki and Hiiragi bought ice.

    “Since Tomoka and the group are visiting Jun’s house, we should return to the mansion right away” said Maho.

    “Wow! You picked the product that Tomoka recommend you” said Tsubaki.

    “Yeah, it says that it has a cheap price, so I buy two flavors, which is not bad at all and I also bought some fruits for extra servings” said Maho.

    “Well, other products are cost higher than the one that was recommended. It seems that we are done shopping for dessert for tonight’s dinner” said Hiiragi.

    “You know, Maho, I’m glad that we would be able to buy ingredients to make an ice cream sundae. Are you sure that you and Tomoka will serve for this?” said Kagetsu.

    “Yes, I actually plan this where I can give the newly recruits an ice cream sundae as well as to Tomoka’s friends” said Maho.

    “I wonder if we would be able to go back to the mansion” said Tsubaki.

    “We’re almost there, Tsubaki. I’m sure that Tomoka and her friends will be able to make it as well” said Hiiragi.

    “We will make sure that we will meet Jun’s Angels when we’re arrived at the mansion” said Maho.

    “Okay, then, is it near yet?” said Hiiragi.

    “I see Tomoka and her friends” said Kagetsu.

    “Ah, there they are” said Maho. “Mokkan, Airi, Saki, Subaru, Mimi, Masami. We’re almost home.”

    “Great! They’re here as well. So, Jun, are you able to stay in the mansion for short?” said Tomoka.

    “Well, until Michiko finally knows you once she’s impressed about you in playing basketball” said Jun.

    “Okay, Jun. So, by Monday, you’ll leave the mansion for practice” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, the entire band will return to my home to prepare for practice again” said Jun.

    “But what’re you gonna do in our home first?” said Tomoka.

    “We will have some information about the Kōsaten-hatsu Group” said Jun.

    “Okay, then let’s talk about it later” said Tomoka with a smile as both groups are back at the mansion at the same time. The Bravehearts are finally ready to meet Jun’s Angels at the mansion. It was revealed that Tomoka’s friend Jun Gotō has been a leader of a group of students known as the Kōsaten-hatsu Group.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 5: "A Family of Blues"

    That concludes the first part of this special event. The next chapter is up for the second part of Ro-Kyu-Bu! meets Tenshi no 3P!/Angel's 3Piece!
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    Previously on Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts, Tomoka and her friends met Jun Gotō at Gotō's home. Jun introduced Tomoka Minato to her band, Jun's Angels/Lien De Famille. The group of young orphans and students of Kyō Nukui are being invited by the Bravehearts to come at Maho's mansion for three days before returning home for another practice. It will sure that they will enjoy their stay at the mansion as the Bravehearts and the Angels return back to Maho's mansion.

    In this chapter, this will be the second part of Ro-Kyu-Bu! meets Tenshi no 3P!/Angel's 3Piece! It will be focused on Jun Gotō, the Angels and their activities at their school. Later, the newly recruits, led by Himeko Katayama, will face off against the Keishin Academy girls' basketball team, led by Tomoka Minato and Mimi Balguerie, for tomorrow's big game at the Misawa Homes Basketball Court where a heated confrontation between Himeko and Mimi considered to be a battle of the aces of Keishin Academy. It will be a passing of the torch for Tomoka and Mimi to share the team for tomorrow's match.



    As two groups returned to the mansion of the Misawa Resort Hotel along with Jun’s Angels, the Bravehearts went to the hall where they settled up a meeting regarding the information of Kōsaten-hatsu Group, a group of students who were in favor of the reforms of the principal of Shiromidai Elementary School, Jun’s current school. The group had dominated in the recent council elections while Yumi Kaneda was elected as the President of the Shiromidai Elementary School Student Council.

    “Tomoka, is that the other members of the group?” said Jun.

    “Yeah, Jun. They bought two gallons of ice cream and some toppings for our dessert tonight” said Tomoka.

    “Okay. I’m Jun Gotō. I’m one of the members of the Angels. It’s nice to meet you, Maho”

    “Nice to meet you, Jun. I’m Maho Misawa. I’m one of the first members of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team and it is nice to meet you every time new friends arrive”

    “I’m Tsubaki Takenaka. I’m one half of the twins and I like to treat friends that would make them fun because I am giving gags to everyone”

    “I’m Hiiragi Takenaka. I’m the other half of the twins and I like to admire friends that are friendly to me because I love to gather around with them”

    “I’m Kagetsu Hakamada. I like to observe my friends to see what’s going on and I am more respectful to friends with pure heart”

    “I’m Aoi Ogiyama. I’m Subaru’s friend from Nashiba High School and I’m the one who helped the girls while playing basketball with my teammates”

    “I’m Satsuki Kakizono. I like to be with my fellow friend Tae and I also joined some fitness activities in school as part of the training process in our basketball team”

    “I’m Tae Mishōji. I’m a friend of Aoi and Satsuki and I began my experience to play basketball with them when we’re back in elementary school”

    “I’m Banri Kashii. I’m a junior fitness trainer and owner of the sports gym while also helping the group as well as my sister Airi when we do activities”

    “I’m Natsuhi Takenaka. Our sisters were more responsible while I’m assisting Subaru and his friends when we made plans and activities for the group”

    “I’m Mihoshi Takamura. I’m sure that you know our members of the group and we already know about you and the group, Jun”

    “Oh, thank you, Mihoshi” said Jun.

    “And I’m Himeko Katayama. I’m one of the newly recruits for the girls’ basketball team. Here are the other members of the group: Mizuko Fujisaki, Yuka Suehiro, Chiyako Kayama, Hana Mikimoto, Asuka Yokoi and Kana Hanaoka”

    “Hey, I know you, Himeko. You’re the one as your friends saw walking to the mansion earlier” said Jun.

    “Ah, okay, I also see you while riding a bicycle” said Himeko.

    “Yeah, we looked alike to each other and we have the same hair: deep violet” said Jun.

    “Oh, thank you, Jun” said Himeko.

    “So, Jun, since we all introduced ourselves earlier as well as the other members of our group. We wanted to know about your group in your student council” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, I’ll tell you about our political group. Kōsaten-hatsu Group is one of the political groups in Shiromidai and it has been the dominant party since its foundation. Our school principal was a reformist and she has been able to hold meetings with the teachers and students once a month” said Jun.

    “So, why did you create the party?” asked Tomoka.

    “It’s because when you are leaving for Keishin, I wanted to lead myself ever since I was an orphan and I wanted to commit myself in student participation. That’s why most of my schoolmates from my class are said to be in favor of the policies made by the principal” said Jun.

    “Did you run for the Student Council after the group was founded?” asked Tomoka.

    “I didn’t. However, since the council is a non-partisan electoral system, anyone can run with or without a political group. My group is composed of lower-class residents and student leaders who are in favor of reforming the school policies” said Jun.

    “Let’s say that since this group is mostly loyalists to the school principal’s reforms, the other group is the one who opposed the reforms. Sounds like you made the right decision while you are participating at church in Tamagawa” said Tomoka.

    “You’re right, Tomoka. The other group was called the New Life Group. The party was called to be an anti-reformist group. The main reason why New Life opposed to Kōsaten-hatsu is because they don’t like some of the revisions of the school policies like proper sanitation and the disciplinary reports that are overdue” said Jun.

    “As you can see, our school maintains their policies since we know that we are being special since it was affiliated to the church. After all, the Angels were the responsible students to follow the policies of the school and these policies changed the lifestyle of the students in our school” said Nozomi.

    “So, your school is affiliated by the church, right?” asked Maho.

    “Yes, it was. It is being special to admit to this school because we have a lot of activities there as well as worship activities and recollections” said Sora.

    “What are the objectives and goals in your band?” asked Saki.

    “We wanted to serve and worship for the church and to be active on time” said Nozomi.

    “Also, we have the freedom to practice anywhere except during the class” said Kyō.

    “What are your plans to return for elementary school?” asked Subaru.

    “We will find some students to join the music club and we might be able to perform in front of the students” said Kurumi.

    “So, both of you are siblings, then you must be close to one of my friends” said Airi.

    “Ah, okay. Airi, we know one student from Suzuridani named Aya Miyakoōji. I asked Aya to come at our house and then when we get there, she talked about you. She said that you are good in blocking and shooting” said Kurumi.

    “Well, thanks. I did some adjustments after my brother helped me to play healthy” said Airi.

    “I think you adapt yourself from playing and I’m sure you have to continue working on that” said Kyō.

    “Okay” said Airi.

    “So, Kaneda was not a strict student in our school and we asked her to research about the school policies. After that, we made outdoor meetings in restaurants or in our home” said Sakura.

    “So, is Kaneda remained at your school?” asked Hinata.

    “Yes, she is. I recently talked to her and she said that she had to assist the students and she wants to create a committee of students where we wanted to hear out some concerns in our school” said Sakura.

    “Right now, you will stay here for three days and then on Sunday, you will go home at your house, right?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, our band will be happy to stay here, but we will need more practice, so we should plan out our stay in your mansion next time” said Jun.

    “Well, I could propose to that. So, are some members of the Kōsaten-hatsu Group went to your house for meetings?” said Tomoka.

    “Yes. We made sure that the members will talk about the issues and plans to take action for the council” said Kyō.

    “I believe that we were born in the same district, so I’m sure that we will need you for plans and I hope that the actions you made will improve your school” said Tomoka.

    “Well, we’ll see about that” said Jun.

    “As the month of March is about to end, I was thinking if we would join you on an outing next week before the classes start” said Nozomi.

    “You bet” said Tomoka. “I will tell you when the Bravehearts are going to have some plans for the next week’s activities and since we’ll return to school soon, I’m sure that we will allow you to stay at our mansion for weekends.”

    “Okay, Tomoka. We’ll ask Masayoshi if we will go to your mansion” said Jun.

    “It will be pleasured to come at our mansion again” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, if there’s time, just stop by and visit my home” said Maho.

    “Okay” all the members of Jun’s Angels said. Later, the members of the Bravehearts and the Angels were playing at the living room.

    “It’s 6:15. Our dinner will be served soon” said Saki.

    “Well, great. Jun and the group, you can come along to eat with us tonight” said Tomoka.

    “Okay, we’ll join you for dinner, Tomoka” said Jun and the members of Jun’s Angels.

    The members of the Bravehearts and Jun’s Angels went to the dining room while Aoi, Tae, Satsuki, Banri, Natsuhi and Mihoshi have done cooking their food and dessert which means that the ice cream sundaes will be served once their dinner is done. Then, the Bravehearts and Jun’s Angels have start eating their food with Tomoka and Jun smile to each other after they liked their food that was cooked by Aoi.

    Finally, they finished eating their food and began eating their ice cream sundae. As the members began to eat their ice cream sundaes, they liked the ice cream sundaes too.

    “Wow! It’s delicious!” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, it’s delicious!” said Jun.

    “Strawberries are my favorite” said Maho.

    “Did you like our sundae?” asked Saki.

    “Yes, I liked the strawberry on the top” said Nozomi.

    “I never eat an ice cream once, but it feels good for me to eat ice cream” said Sora.

    “Enjoy eating, girls!” said Saki.

    “Okay” said Nozomi and Sora.

    “I gave Aoi some toppings to make the ice cream sundae more delicious. Have you taste it before?” said Airi.

    “Well, yes, Airi. I always ate ice cream with my brother” said Kurumi.

    “My brother and I have eaten ice cream once a week” said Airi.

    “You seem to be good and it makes us good to have our stomachs full of foods” said Kurumi.

    “Well, I ate only at least two dishes a day” said Airi.

    “Me too, Airi” said Kurumi.

    “Your bandmembers are seemed to like our ice cream sundae” said Hinata.

    “Yeah. They’re happy to eat most of it” said Sakura.

    “So, Kyō, a wonderful day we did earlier and you seem to be in love with Jun” said Subaru.

    “Yeah, I feel like a pervert, but our members wondered about my relationship with Jun” said Kyō.

    “Don’t you think that some high schoolers may attract to a young girl? Many of the males say that they preferred to make a relationship with them most of the time” said Subaru.

    “Oh, our school didn’t have intentions to allow early marriages, so we should only do that when we reached to the university” said Kyō.

    “You are gonna be fine with that” said Subaru.

    “Kōme, most of our members are good in basketball while most of our friends have referred to help us in trying to reinstate the Nashiba High School basketball team” said Aoi.

    “Your school is gaining popularity in basketball, even though, they have to improve better” said Kōme.

    “I hope so. Eventually, I’m kind of the fact that our Bravehearts will begin to reign in Keishin, Kirihara and Nashiba” said Aoi.

    “Oh, we’ll see. By the way, our school has basketball teams and they seemed to be good as well” said Kōme.

    “That’s nice. I hope we would have a match-up for Shiromidai and Keishin soon” said Aoi.

    “Me, either” said Kōme.

    “Dealing with music and sports are definitely most of the students in Kirihara have referred to” said Natsuhi.

    “The students from our school have special subjects related to worship and values education” said Yuzuha. “I’m sure that when we reached middle school, they’ll definitely have to study hard for their grades to be improved.”

    “It sure is, Yuzuha” said Natsuhi.

    “So, Himeko, how do you feel right now?” said Mimi.

    “I’m perfectly happy to stay here. As soon as my parents allow me stay at this house, I will continue to train more with you” said Himeko.

    “Yeah, we should be evaluating you for tomorrow’s activity which is the match-up between the First Group and the Second Group” said Mimi.

    “I’m delighted to” said Himeko.

    “We’ll sure that we will beat you” said Mizuko.

    “Yeah, our group has improved the skills since the special training” said Yuka.

    “Our team has many skills and abilities, so there’s a chance that you might win a little bit” said Tsubaki.

    “Mimi and Tomoka are good all-around players while we are ready to plan our strategy in our game tomorrow” said Hiiragi.

    “I’m sure we need to deliver more shots than they do” said Chiyako.

    “The main difference is that our First Group made a good teamwork. Last time, we saw your style of plays when we watched the intramurals” said Masami.

    “Wow, Masami. You impress our style of plays. Okay, hopefully, I would break the strategy soon” said Kana.

    “We’ll see about that” said Masami.

    “Kagetsu, now that we test our skills, now we’ll see if we play in a real game” said Hana.

    “As you wish, Hana. I will deserve your group to see how you played in a real game” said Kagetsu.

    “Okay” said Hana. “I will accept your challenge”

    “I will be happy to accept this challenge” said Asuka.

    “I’m glad that you are ready to face us tomorrow” said Kagetsu.

    “Wow! The Second Group is seemed to be ready to face our First Group” said Tae.

    “They sure it will be a good fight before the evaluation of the newly recruits set by next week” said Satsuki.

    “Yeah, I love heated confrontations. It will make both groups to be ready for tomorrow’s match” said Banri.

    “Mimi and Himeko. Let’s talk” said Subaru.

    “Okay!” said Mimi and Himeko as the captain of the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team and the ace player of the Second Group are seemed to be ready to play while Tomoka, Maho, Saki, Airi and Hinata are glad about the heated confrontation between Mimi’s group and Himeko’s group and looking forward to see both of the ace players to play in a real game. Tomoka’s group will also play for the First Group as the First Group is possibly mixing the lineups for tomorrow’s game.

    Part 2 will be on the next post.
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    Re: Rooks, Knights and Bravehearts - The Ro-Kyu-Bu!/Tenshi no 3P! X High School DxD Crossover Series

    "A Family of Blues" Part 2

    Later, after dinner is over, the Bravehearts, the newly recruits and Jun’s Angels went to their respective bedrooms while adjusting the names for the newly recruits and Jun’s Angels. Subaru, Mimi and Himeko are appeared at the terrace.

    “I’m glad that you ate the ice cream sundae and right now, we’ll talk about the game tomorrow” said Subaru.

    “Oh, this would be going to be a warm-up match, right?” said Himeko.

    “Yeah, I’m sure that you know Tomoka and the Bravehearts” said Subaru.

    “Yes, Subaru. Are planning to build Nashiba boys’ basketball team to lay foundation for the upcoming school year?” said Himeko.

    “Yes, Himeko. I would be delighted to if Kazunari will have to adjust anything and we should have our own system that would make us stronger” said Subaru.

    “I began to think about how our group went up to seek challenge against your group before we unite as a team” said Mimi.

    “Well, I’m sure that your group has the same potential as our girls, but I meant to say that each of your members is improving your sills. For you, you are getting better in shooting” said Subaru.

    “It looks okay when it comes to shooting, but I know that we will have to plan out for the game tomorrow” said Mimi.

    “It sure is, Mimi” said Subaru.

    “Uh, Subaru? I wanted to say that ace players usually synchronizing the other players for them to build a good teamwork. It means that Tomoka and Mimi were doing well based on their style of play” said Himeko.

    “I could tell you about how I synchronize our members while playing in a game” said Mimi. “If we play better with a better strategy, the team must have strength that will make the players have more energy. We trained hard like we have before we play against teams. Sometimes, your skills will be greatly improved as long as we use the Complete Synchronization Skill.”

    “That’s why Tomoka and her teammates did this when we play against Suzuridani and that skill maintains our lead until we should have won at the end of the game. Every member has able to do their skills with communication and relationship between each of your members” said Subaru.

    “So, when the team activates the Complete Synchronization Skill?” asked Himeko.

    “Once your teammates are maintaining its relationship and keep their playing skills further, that skill will allow us to make your players will respect you on your command. But it requires special trainings and each of your members to make one of the skills to be mastered on your own” said Mimi.

    “Okay, Mimi. Thanks for your explanation. I’m sure that we should do that once we’re in a game soon” said Himeko.

    “It might take some time, Himeko. For now, this game will evaluate you and your members based on the skills you use in a real game” said Mimi.

    “Make sure that by tomorrow, you will finally play through your hearts” said Subaru.

    “Okay, Subaru” said Himeko.

    “It’s a beautiful night you wanted to see. It has many stars on it with a moon” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, I saw the moon and the stars shine bright at night. One day, I wanted to go to a beautiful place to see the view and I’m dreaming about our future. I wanted to lead the team with our strength and I wished that Keishin girls’ basketball team will win its first district championship and keep the legacy for the first players of this team” said Himeko.

    “You think you want to be part of our legacy after you and your teammates do well in the special training? Okay, Himeko, I’ll trust you. You will be able to trust the Bravehearts with your pure heart” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, I’ll trust you too” said Himeko as she and Mimi started their new goal for the girls’ basketball team is to win the prefectural championship. Subaru was happy to see both Mimi and Himeko have created a goal for Keishin.

    “So, Mimi and Himeko, We should be going to the basketball court tomorrow and that is the time that you girls are ready to play for the evaluation of the newly recruits. I hope that both teams are ready” said Subaru.

    “We will” said Mimi and Himeko as Subaru, Mimi and Himeko returned to the mansion altogether. Mimi went to Maho’s bedroom and saw only Tomoka, Maho and Jun.

    “Tomoka, Maho, Jun. Where did Airi, Hinata and Saki go?” said Mimi.

    “Saki is on the other room with Masami and Nozomi beside us. Airi and Hinata are also on another room with Kagetsu, Banri, Kurumi and Kyō next to the room Saki entered. Sora is with Natsuhi, Tsubaki and Hiiragi on middle left. Mihoshi, Aoi, Tae and Satsuki are on middle right. Sakura, Kōme and Yuzuha are also on middle right. Chiyako, Kana, Hana and Asuka are on the rear right side form our room. Himeko, Mizuko and Yuka are on the rear left side from our room” said Maho.

    “So, you are assigned to this room with Subaru” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” said Mimi as Mimi enters the room. Maho’s sister Minako appeared to ask her if she can serve iced tea.

    “Sister, can I serve you with your friends a glass of iced tea?” asked Minako.

    “Yes, Minako as well as for Subaru” said Maho.

    “Okay, coming right up” said Minako as she leaves the room.

    “Jun is going to be with us for three days as well as her friends” said Mimi.

    “Yeah, we will return to our usual arrangement because our maids and butlers are temporarily assigned to my father’s room as well as three vacant rooms on the top floor” said Maho.

    “For the meantime, we have to ask Jun about her band’s plans for the future” said Tomoka.

    “Okay” said Maho and Mimi. Minako returned to the room and gave the glasses of iced teas to Maho, Tomoka, Mimi and Jun.

    “I hope you enjoy your stay, Jun. So, you and your friends will return home on Sunday, right?” said Minako.

    “Yes, but we will plan our return soon” said Jun.

    “Okay. I’m going to leave right now to sleep at my father’s room” said Minako as she leaves the room once again.

    “Okay, good night, sister” said Maho.

    “So, Jun, what are your future plans for you and the band?” said Tomoka.

    “I will perform in front of the students at Shiromidai and I will try to gather some friends for the political assembly” said Jun.

    “So, aside from the fact that you’re active in church, you’re active in political activities, Jun” said Maho.

    “Yep. Our bandmembers will return to school for sixth grade and Kyō and Sakura are eleventh graders” said Jun.

    “Wow! You’re ready to go back to school?” asked Mimi.

    “Yes. I don’t have time to prepare the band for the first week of school. I was confident about how the three of us are just started creating the band” said Jun.

    “Since you’re the youngest member of the band, your band members are older than you. The associates are also older than you” said Maho.

    “Yes. I was an orphan like Sora and Nozomi. It’s been time since my parents were divorced and then, I enrolled with you during your first grade” said Jun.

    “I’m a very confident student when I was in your school before Michiko became my classmate in my fourth grade. Usually, you, Michiko and I were having fun time to eat at the canteen together and also, we also spend our free time at my home” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, it seems that Michiko joins us. Being a friend who has problems with someone are still able to be with you” said Jun.

    “Hey, that was similar to me as well” said Mimi.

    “You too, Mimi?” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, it’s because I want to study at Keishin Academy after studying in Hawaii when my father, who works in an industrial factory, was convinced by Ginga to let me study in Japan” said Mimi.

    “Did you speak Japanese after you went to Japan?” said Maho.

    “Yeah. I speak French when I was a little girl before I went to Hawaii. I explored the whole place and I was able to live here for only three years before I left to travel to Japan” said Mimi.

    “Okay, so, that’s why you end up in Keishin to play with me” said Tomoka.

    “Yes, Tomoka. After our team lost to your team, I began to gather at my teammates to train at the gym while you went to different places” said Mimi.

    “Yeah. I get it. I like your style of play when we face each other until Subaru and Aoi end up uniting two levels into one team” said Tomoka.

    “As we were united as a team, we gave a hard training to you as well as Tsubaki, Hiiragi, Masami and Kagetsu before we entered to the prefectural tournament” said Maho.

    “Yes, it’s true that we were able to compete at the tournament and that’s why Subaru had decided to give us full strength in the game against Suzuridani” said Mimi.

    “So, what did you do outside basketball?” asked Jun.

    “Outside basketball, I met some friends in my class while Kagetsu observed me about my friends. We became friends because we were classmates in our block” said Mimi.

    “Kagetsu really likes you, Mimi. Hinata and I were usually become friends and we were able to buy plush toys for her collection. I would recall about how we formed our group” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, what happened to your group when it was started?” asked Mimi.

    “Tomoka and I were started the group with us being friends. Then, Saki joins as a third member of the group when she was in our home. Hinata joined too when Tomoka saw her trying to buy some school materials. Finally, Airi became the fifth member of the group when I asked the class to know their hobbies and Airi was also good in playing basketball” said Maho.

    “Laying the foundation of this group became the legacy of the first formation of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team” said Tomoka.

    “Also, the boys like Natushi began to trust us after we proved that our team is better than the boys” said Maho.

    “After we lost to Suzuridani at the prefectural tournament, we decided to enroll at Kirihara Middle School after we were graduated at Keishin. It was sad that we leave Keishin and Natushi followed suit as well as his classmates to enroll at Kirihara. After we contemplate about our future, we decided to be with Subaru because he called us “dearest” and made sure that we will continue to stick together” said Tomoka.

    “In our side, after we lost to Suzuridani, we continued to study until we became sixth graders. On the bright side, when I hear about you and your friends will enroll at Kirihara Middle School, I decided to tell my teammates that we will go to Kirihara Middle School after our graduation from elementary school. By the time the month of March comes, I decided to open try-outs for the new players to play at our team for next school year” said Mimi.

    “Seems that both groups were united after the graduation and when Hiiragi called the group as the “Bravehearts”, we laid the foundation of the legacy of the first formation of Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team. As of now, we decided to expand the group since the newly recruits will be planned to join us as soon as possible. With our plans to invite old and new friends to the Bravehearts, our dreams will come true. We said that a new blessing will be our new life in a family of friends” said Maho.

    “Your history in your group was magnificent ever since you have good fighting spirit with the team. I will continue to lead the band and the political group which makes us good. As you know, our confidence with our friends has changed our lives when we formed the Angels, but it seems that a family of friends will emerge in Shikadai” said Jun.

    “You mean, Yumi Kaneda?” said Subaru, who went to the room after he talked to Banri, Aoi, Satsuki, Tae and Natsuhi.

    “Oh, Subaru, you’re back. I know you’re gonna come here for a while” said Tomoka.

    “You’re right, Subaru. Kaneda was a council president when we’re in fifth grade. Now, she seems to be confident about how she will hand her goals and actions to our fellow friends in my school” said Jun.

    “Oh, it will be depending on her if she will join you” said Subaru.

    “I hope she will help us in leading the political group again” said Jun. “Subaru, one question. Did you mention Kuoh Academy, before?”

    “Yeah, of course, Jun” said Subaru.

    “I also know that school too” said Jun as Subaru, Tomoka, Maho and Mimi gasped. “If you know about Kuoh Academy, then we also have some information about the Occult Research Club. One of Yumi’s friends met them while having their information about the influence of between light and dark sides of their school.”

    “In your school, most of the students were focused on neutrality because they deduce the idea of the division of the students based on using their powers” said Subaru.

    “That’s exactly correct. Yumi said that usually our school has devoted for worship and even know that our schoolmates were focused on other things, they have other activities to do between church and extracurricular activities” said Jun.

    “It’s being said that different schools that have specialties have their own system. Some regular schools don’t usually have special divisions as most of the students have been progressed while the main difference is that regular schools have implemented their hierarchy depends on the school system” said Tomoka.

    “Now that you know about Kuoh Academy too, it means that you should visit our new school and these members of the Occult Research Club will come as well. It will be a short meeting and I’m sure that we could start the internship between them and us” said Maho.

    “As of now, we will have to know the information of that organization on Saturday. I wondered that one school named Nagi Academy was full of students who were allowing internships with other students from other schools. I met one of my students in our class and she was partnering with one of the students from that academy. By the way, in nationality, a few Hawaiians entered Japan to enroll there” said Mimi.

    “Mimi, you should be our researcher of our group. I can credit about the information you saw” said Subaru.

    “Thanks, Subaru. Tomorrow will be a big day between us and the newly recruits. Jun, are any ideas who do you side on?” said Mimi.

    “It would be your team, Mimi. Just kidding. I’ll be rooting for both teams” said Jun.

    “The heated confrontation thinks me that it will be the passing of the torch” said Tomoka.

    “Yeah, the talents will collide for one good match” said Subaru.

    “I’m hoping that when we face them tomorrow, we will win against them. We have to adjust the lineups” said Maho.

    “The sixth graders will play for the third quarter and the seventh graders will play for the fourth quarter. On the first quarter, it will be me, Tomoka, Hinata, Kagetsu and Airi. Then, on the second quarter, it will be Masami, Saki, Tsubaki, Hiiragi and Maho” said Mimi.

    “Great suggestion, Mimi. These lineups will be more different than the usual lineup in our last game against Suzuridani. I hope those will work” said Tomoka.

    “It will work, Tomoka. Are we ready for tomorrow’s game?” said Mimi.

    “Yes!” Tomoka, Maho, Subaru and Jun said. Mimi had a strategy in adjusting the lineups as tomorrow’s game will be a big day for the Bravehearts before the group will visit the Kirihara Middle School and Nashiba High School on Saturday.

    UP NEXT: Chapter 6: "Passing of the Torch"
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